Road trip suggestions

Our road trip suggestions are primarily intended for tourists with motorhomes/RVs.

Of course you can also drive these routes in a normal passenger car and spend the nights in hotels or hostels (book here: Hotels and hostels in Sweden).

If you want to plan your road trip in detail, you can use our Sweden trip planner with 10,000 destinations.

Our great Sweden circle tour

This circle tour leads you from Gothenburg to Lake Siljan in Dalarna and then over to the east coast, where you visit Stockholm. The route is approximately 1,800 km long.

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The Lake Vättern circle tour

This road trip leads you around Lake Vättern. It is approximately 300 km long.

First you drive on the western side of the lake from Jönköping in the south to Aksersund in the north. From there you head south on the eastern side of the lake back to Jönköping.

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The Lake Vänern circle tour

This road trip leads you around Lake Vänern. It is approximately 400 – 500 km long.

We start our journey in Karlstad, which is the biggest town in the province of Värmland. Karlstad is located on the northern side of the lake Vänern. From here we drive around the lake in clockwise direction.

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The Wilderness Road

This road stretches from Strömsund in Jämtland to Vilhelmina in South Lapland.

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The Fjällvägen road in Hälsingland and Härjedalen

Fjällvägen Riksväg 83/84

If you want to head north, we can also recommend the Swedish national roads 83 and 84. They pass through Hälsingland’s and Härjedalen’s cultural and natural landscapes, from the coast of the Baltic sea in the east to the mountains and Norwegian border in the west.

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