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Golf in Sweden

Sweden is a golfing nation with almost 500 clubs and 500,000 members in the Swedish Golf Federation plus numerous open courses. Golf has long since become a national sport in this country. That is why you can choose from so many different greens.


Not surprisingly Skåne, the southernmost province of the country, stands out: No other region in Scandinavia has such a concentration of courses with different architectures.

When you are in central Skåne, for example, you can reach more than 70 courses within an hour’s drive. The portfolio comprises short, hilly and typically English courses with park character as well as seaside courses and links courses à la Scotland with white sand dunes and heather.


Halland is also a province with numerous high-quality golf courses. Kungsbacka and Halmstad offer especially many opportunities for golfers.

Ringenäs Golfhotell in Halmstad, Halland

Ringenäs Golf Club in Halmstad, Halland

Halmstad is even called the “Golf Capital of Sweden”. There are 12 courses in Halmstad. In the Scandinavian School of Golf one can even combine academic studies with playing golf.


In the southern part of Dalarna there are several popular courses, particularly in the region of Borlänge, Falun, Gagnef, and Ludvika.

Even in Lapland

Playing golf in Lapland north of the arctic circle is completely different, of course. Here you can play under the midnight sun. Even in the rest of the country you will find a huge variety of excellent greens.

The three best courses in Sweden

Tomas Hagfeldt from the Swedish magazine “Golf Digest” regards the following three courses as the best in Sweden:

  • Ljunghusens Golfklubb in Falsterbo, Skåne – located by the sea
  • Visby Golfklubb on the island of Gotland – here the winds change often
  • Ombergs Golfklubb in Ödeshög, Östergötland – overlooking the Lake Vättern

Golf season

The golf season in Sweden is probably shorter than in many outher countries. However, during the summer months this is compensated by the long hours of daylight.

In Skåne the first courses open in the first half of April. They close in October or even in the beginning of November.

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  Golf hotels and golf resorts in Sweden

Here comes a selection of golf hotels and golf resorts from Skåne in the south to Jämtland in the north (in cooperation with

Ringenäs Golfhotell in Halmstad, Halland

 Ringenäs Golfhotell in Halmstad, Halland

Quality Hotel & Resort Frösö Park

Golf course next to the new  Quality Hotel & Resort Frösö Park in Jämtland

Hills Golf Club in Mölndal

Hills Golf Club in Mölndal – even though this looks almost like rural Dalarna, the course is located in one of Sweden’s biggest metropolitan areas, Gothenburg, and just 5 minutes off the E6 motorway

The Mölle golf course in Skåne

The Mölle golf course in Skåne: It is situated on the Kulla peninsula north of Helsingborg. Supposedly you can see the sea from 16 of the 18 holes of the course.

The Mölle golf course in Skåne

The Mölle course in Skåne, “established 1943”

Source for Tomas Hagfeldt’s list: “Uppslaget”, Posten. Our photo on the top of this page is from a golf course near Gothenburg: the Öijared golf club in Nääs (between Gothenburg and Alingsås); photo of Quality Hotel & Resort Frösö Park: Quality Hotel & Resort Frösö Park