Gamla Stan, Stockholm's old town
Gothenburg harbour

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Travel to Sweden during the Covid-19 pandemic - FAQs, info sites and other resources

Travel to Sweden during the Covid-19 pandemic – FAQs, info sites and other resources

For a single blogger, it is almost impossible to keep up with the many changes in the Covid-19 situation. Regulations, guidelines and advice change...
Pippi Longstocking illustrations at Gothenburg Museum of Art

Pippi Longstocking illustrations at the Gothenburg Museum of Art

The exhibition "Ingrid Vang Nyman - Much more than Pippi Longstocking" was opened at the Gothenburg Museum of Art in mid-October. The exhibition can...
Rent a premium motorhome in Sweden - With full service - Small motorhomes, large motorhomes

Rent a premium motorhome in Sweden – With full service – Small motorhomes, large motorhomes

Start your Scandinavian holidays in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Jönköping You can rent premium motorhomes (RVs) from us. We work with one of the largest providers...
Cruise ship in Stockholm, Photo: Per-Erik Adamsson

Top 12 must-sees in Stockholm

Stockholm is always a delightful experience, whether in summer or in winter. There is plenty to do and to see during your visit. Here...
Lake Åsnen National Park


Småland could be called the home of Swedish culture. Småland has enchanted forests, idyllic glades, mirror-like lakes and falun-red homesteads where Vilhelm Moberg's "emigrants"...
Swedish cinnamon rolls/buns

Happy Cinnamon Bun Day: On October 4, the Swedes celebrate their favourite pastries

Anyone who has ever been to Sweden knows the classic Swedish cinnamon roll, called kanelbulle. It is one of Sweden's most popular sweet snacks....

Vaxholm, the capital of the Stockholm archipelago

Vaxholm regards itself as the capital of the Stockholm archipelago. In fact, it is a northern junction in the passenger ferry services that connect...
The Gothenburg archipelago in winter

Gothenburg’s southern archipelago in winter

Even in winter, it is worth visiting the southern archipelago outside of Gothenburg. The locals are mostly alone as hardly any tourists take the...


As you can imagine, the Swedish tourist industry is deeply affected by the Corona pandemic. While some accommodations and tour operators have been forced out of business, others experienced a record summer in 2020. Bookings for the winter season 2020/2021 are on a very high level – indeed, the Åre ski resort is booked out for major parts of the winter. Likewise, bookings for the summer season 2021 are on a very high level, especially for holiday homes and motorhomes. The reason is that many customers have rescheduled their bookings from 2020 and plan on coming in 2021 instead. So be sure to book early if you would like to visit Sweden this year. /Walther, February 24, 2021

The Swedish flag

Welcome to Sweden

Sweden offers so many opportunities, whatever kind of holiday you have in mind. Sweden is a country where everyone speaks English. From the far north to the deep south Sweden has a wide variety of climates, activities and scenery that will stimulate your senses and satisfy your every need.

Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe. Because of its long, narrow shape and northerly location, the landscape is highly diversified.

From exciting survival camps in the untouched wilderness to relaxing on a cruise in the island-rich archipelago, from standing on the top of a snow-covered mountain to hanging at a bar at one of Europe’s finest nightclubs, whatever your heart desires you will find it here.

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