Book campsites in Sweden: Pitches for motorhome, caravan or tent

Book a campsite in Sweden

The big hotel booking portals have missed the camping trend. At least when it comes to holidaymakers with motorhomes, caravans or tents. So far, there have only been isolated solutions for motorhome or caravan holidaymakers who wanted to book a Swedish campsite online. Now, however, there is a portal where you can book pitches for motorhomes and caravans. You can also book tent pitches there. Currently, 420 Swedish campsites are connected (as of June 2023).

The portal comes from Stockholm, covers all of Northern Europe and has grown to become the market leader within a year. It is called Campcation. The portal is available in several languages, including English. So you can easily and safely book your pitch/stayover for your motorhome or caravan, tent or rooftop tent. Booking is direct booking with instant confirmation.

Just follow the links. I have sorted them by country / part of country / region:

  Book a campsite stay – region by region

Pitches for motorhome, caravan or tent – book now:

Sweden (whole country)

South Sweden

Skåne (Scania)










Central Sweden




Närke (the region of Örebro)



North Sweden




Höga Kusten (the High Coast, Ångermanland)






Moreover, you will here find campsites in




Seven reasons why you should book campsites in advance

1. Camping in Sweden has grown a lot in recent years. The pandemic has also given the industry another boost. As a result, more and more campsites are fully booked during the high season. Especially in the south of the country and along the coasts. And especially on the islands of Öland and Gotland, of course.

2. The pandemic has particularly boosted demand for seasonal pitches. Many campsite operators have created additional seasonal pitches by reducing the number of tourist pitches.

3. The national camping association SCR requires its members to keep a certain percentage of drop-in pitches available. However, as more and more campsites leave the association, drop-in pitches often fall away as well. So if you just drop by a campsite in the evening, you can expect to see the sign: “fullsatt” – fully occupied. At least in July and August.

4. If you would like to spend three or four nights at a time at a campsite, you should book in advance. Often there are only a few pitches left during the high season. Then you can’t stay as long as you’d like or you have to move during your stay at the campsite – which is no fun either.

5. Campsites today have a different function than they did a few years ago. They are no longer used only by tourists, but also by well-paying companies. In addition, there is a growing group of voluntary or involuntary nomads. As a result, more and more people are living permanently on a campsite (“trailer parks”). This means that the number of places available for holidaymakers is decreasing.

6. If you are travelling with children, I always recommend booking in advance anyway. Otherwise it can be very stressful to look for a campsite in the evening with hungry, tired and whining children on board – and perhaps not find a free campsite.

7. And finally: Free camping is becoming more and more difficult. Partly because there are more and more people on the road, partly because some can’t behave themselves. But wild camping and free camping are two different things. Because some people don’t want to understand this, more and more field and farm roads in Sweden are being barricaded. This also increases the pressure on campsites and caravan sites. (I understand both perspectives, by the way. I used to own a farm with five hectares of land, now I live on six square meters in a camper van.)

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