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Camping in Sweden

Camping in Sweden

Camping is growing rapidly in Sweden. Almost every year, the industry reports new records being broken. We have approximately 1,100 to 1,200 campsites in Sweden. Among them you will find 16 five-star campsites; they are open all-year round.

Motorhome tourism

Motorhome tourists have primarily contributed to this increase in recent years. As a result, new parking sites have been built for motorhomes in many places in Sweden. The Swedish Camping Association (SCR) has even installed a special project group for motorhome tourism.

Freedom and community

Campers want freedom and community: the freedom to just leave and travel to a new destination and the chance to meet with other nice, sociable and helpful people.

People don’t become campers because they cannot afford a hotel or package tour, it is a deliberate lifestyle choice. By living in a small space together, you come closer to your fellow travellers and need to show them more consideration. You’ve got to be tolerant, neat and clean, and help each other – not just your family, but also your neighbours. It is this social aspect that makes camping so exciting.

Nature and adventure

Many campers also want to experience nature and exciting adventures. A night in a tent away from a campsite is an unforgettable experience. Hardly any forest is really quiet at night, and you will have to wash yourself in a cold stream, rather than a hot shower, in the morning, making you look forward all the more again to your next night on a well-equipped campsite.

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With rental stations in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Luleå. Now you can even rent campervans – they are easy to drive and fun.

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  Camping huts in Sweden

Huts, cabins and cottages on campsites are ideal for family holidays. Standards vary from simple to luxury.

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Discover Sweden by motorhome

Discover Sweden in a motorhome

Motorhome in Kungsbacka, Halland

Discover Sweden in a motorhome

Camping is fun! – Greetings from Sweden

This video is produced by the Swedish Camping Association SCR. It gives you an idea of what you can expect from Swedish campsites during the summer.

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