Shopping in Stockholm: A comprehensive guide with map

Mall of Scandinavia in Solna

In this guide, we’ll lead you through Stockholm’s diverse shopping districts, ensuring you don’t miss the best highlights that make the city a retail paradise. You can also use our map further down the page to plan your shopping excursion in detail.

1. Hidden gems of Södermalm

Södermalm, with its eclectic charm, is a treasure trove of hidden gems. As a foreign tourist, exploring this district offers an authentic taste of Stockholm’s local culture.

  • Local boutiques: Dive into quaint boutiques showcasing Swedish designers and local artisans. Start your journey for example at DesignTorget (Götgatan 31).
  • Vintage shops: Discover the charm of pre-loved fashion and unique artefacts. For a nostalgic experience, visit Lisa Larsson Second Hand (Bondegatan 48) or Beyond Retro (Brännkyrkagatan 82).
  • Cafés: Combine shopping with a fika (Swedish coffee break) at charming cafés. Take a fika break at Fabrique, a cosy bakery with a Scandinavian touch, offering delightful pastries (Götgatan 24).
  • Concept stores: Immerse yourself in concept stores offering a curated selection of fashion items. For example at Nitty Gritty (Krukmakargatan 24-26).

2. Vintage wonderland in Gamla Stan

Step back in time in the historic heart of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, where vintage shops beckon with tales from the past.

  • Antique shops: Explore antique stores such as Brinken Antique (Storkyrkobrinken 1) for unique souvenirs and historical artefacts.
  • Charming cobblestone streets: Stroll through Västerlånggatan and Österlånggatan, lined with vintage boutiques.
  • Local stories: Engage with shopkeepers at Vintage Lounge (Skeppar Karls gränd 3) or Stockholms Stadsmissions second hand (Köpmangatan 15) to learn the history behind each vintage piece.

3. Swedish design delights in Östermalm

Östermalm is synonymous with Swedish design elegance. For foreign tourists, this district offers a glimpse into the world of iconic Swedish design.

  • High-end shops: Explore upscale shops showcasing the pinnacle of Swedish design. Indulge in luxury shopping at NK Stockholm (Nordiska Kompaniet, Hamngatan 18-20) for iconic Swedish design pieces.
  • Timeless pieces: Discover timeless furniture and home décor pieces, for example at Asplund (Sibyllegatan 31) and at the renowned design company Svenskt Tenn (Strandvägen 5). In 2024, Svenskt Tenn celebrates its 100-year anniversary.
  • Culinary experiences: Indulge in gourmet delights at Swedish design-themed cafes and restaurants. Have a fika at Karla Café, a very nicely furnished café with lots of options and a very friendly service (Karlavägen 71). Enjoy gourmet delights at Ett Hem, a boutique hotel with a design-themed restaurant (Sköldungagatan 2).

4. Fashion-forward districts: Norrmalm

For fashion enthusiasts, Norrmalm is a paradise of trendy boutiques and emerging designers.

  • Fashion streets: Explore the latest trends on the fashionable streets of Norrmalm. Walk down Biblioteksgatan and Birger Jarlsgatan.
  • Designer boutiques: Don’t miss the iconic Swedish brand at Filippa K (Biblioteksgatan 2). Emerging designers you will find at NK Stockholm, the premium department store (Hamngatan 18-20) that we have already mentioned above under “Swedish design delights”.

5. Eclectic markets across the city

Stockholm’s markets are a vibrant tapestry of diverse goods, making them a must-visit for any foreign tourist.

  • Farmers’ markets: Immerse yourself in local produce and culinary delights at the stunning Östermalms Saluhall, which reopened in 2020 after four years of careful renovation (Östermalmstorg 31). See our pictures of the market hall here.
  • Flea markets: Hunt for treasures at Hornstulls Marknad (Hornstulls Strand 4) and Vårbergs Flea Market (Fjärdholmsgränd 4, Skärholmen) for unique items. Look out for signs that say “Loppis” (flea market).
  • Artisanal markets: Explore markets featuring handmade crafts and artwork, for example Bibliotekstan in the heart of the city – between Smålandsgatan in the south, Kungsgatan in the north, Birger Jarlsgatan in the east and Norrlandsgatan in the west.

6. Budget-friendly shopping spots

Travelling on a budget? Stockholm caters to all pockets, and we’ve got the inside scoop on affordable shopping destinations.

  • Thrift stores: Explore thrift shops for unique finds at budget-friendly prices. Dive into Myrorna for a range of budget-friendly treasures, from clothing to home goods (Hornsgatan 96, Götgatan 79 and other locations).
  • Sales and discounts: Keep an eye out for sales at major department stores like Åhléns (Klarabergsgatan 50), Lindex (Sergels Torg 14) and H&M (Drottninggatan 56) for fashionable finds at discounted prices. The magic Swedish word is “REA”, which means “Sale” – as in “mellandagsrea”, the popular sale between Christmas and New Year.
  • Local markets: Engage with local vendors at Hötorget Market for budget-friendly souvenirs and fresh produce, located in the basement under the Hötorget square.

7. Shopping extravaganza in Stockholm’s malls

If you prefer the convenience of malls, Stockholm has some top-notch destinations to fulfil your shopping desires.

  • Gallerian: Dive into Sweden’s oldest (1976) and most iconic shopping mall, Gallerian, featuring a variety of 50 shops and over 30 restaurants and cafes. The mall is conveniently located at Hamngatan 37 next to Sergels Torg, the most central public square in Stockholm. Despite its age, the mall is very fresh and modern.
  • Sturegallerian: Lifestyle, food experiences and well-being (Sturegatan 4, next to the Stureplan square). Best place in Stockholm if you want to people-watch.
  • Mall of Scandinavia: Experience luxury at the largest shopping mall in Scandinavia, offering a mix of international and Swedish brands as well as a fantastic food market with approx. 20 restaurants – in the entire mall you will find almost 40 restaurants and cafés. The mall is easy to reach by metro. Address: Stjärntorget, Solna. See the picture on the top of this page.
  • MOOD Stockholm: Immerse yourself in a unique shopping experience at MOOD Stockholm (Regeringsgatan 48), known for its high-end boutiques and design-focused stores.
  • Söderhallarna (currently closed): A unique blend of food market and shopping, perfect for a quick bite and some retail therapy. Located at Medborgarplatsen 3. Currently undergoing refurbishment. Will not reopen until 2026.


Stockholm’s shopping scene is a captivating blend of tradition and modernity. From the vintage charm of Gamla Stan to the trendy boutiques of Norrmalm, each district has a unique story to tell. So, lace up your walking shoes and get ready to embark on a shopping adventure in Stockholm.

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Östermalmshallen, Östermalms Market Hall

Östermalmshallen, Östermalm’s Market Hall

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Photo on the top of the page: Westfield Mall of Scandinavia