A walk under the Öresund Bridge

Öresund Bridge

I have seen the Öresund Bridge several times from the airplane. Moreover, I have driven over the bridge several times by car. But I have not yet seen the imposing structure up close. But how can I do that? After Internet research and map study I saw that there is a footpath directly under the bridge on the Swedish side. In glorious weather at the beginning of March, before everything turned green again, I was there.

From Malmö Central Station, I took bus number 4 south. I went to the bus stop Betalstation Bunkeflostrand. As the name implies, it’s right near the bridge’s Swedish pay station. Here you can find a map on Google Maps.

Walking and biking path under the bridge

From the stop, I headed west along a dirt road to an asphalt sidewalk and bike path. It ascends steeply at first. On the right hand I climbed a hill. It is called Lernacken. There I could enjoy a fantastic view of the bridge. It was at this place where I took my picture on the top of the page. I think this perspective is not seen so often.

Afterwards I returned to the path. In the continuation it runs directly past the bridge foundation. So I passed under the bridge to the northern side.

Official viewpoint

Just north of the bridge foundation is the official viewpoint of the Öresund Bridge (map on Google Maps). The point is also easily accessible by car. There is plenty of free parking. Utsiktsvägen is the name of the access road. The address of the viewpoint is Utsiktsvägen 10, 216 11 Limhamn.

There is a platform from which you have a wonderful view of the bridge and of Malmö. Unfortunately, the platform is a bit outdated and full of weeds and without seating. From 1998, the building below housed an Öresund exhibition for a few years. It provided information about the construction activity on the Öresund Bridge. The bridge went into operation on July 1, 2000. Today the exhibition building is sometimes used as a conference venue and is called Luftkastellet.

If you want to have a picnic, you have to find a place on the shore. But since it is often windy at the bridge, some visitors just stay in their cars and drink their coffee there.

Shore path back to the center

I then walked the shore path further north.

First I passed the camping site First Camp Sibbarp. Next, I walked through the new housing developments of Limhamn. And finally I walked all along the Ribersborg beach back to the central station of Malmö.

In total I walked 22 km from the bus stop in Bunkeflostrand to the main station.

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Öresund Bridge

Öresund Bridge

Öresund Bridge

Öresund Bridge

Öresund Bridge Viewpoint

Öresund Bridge

Öresund Bridge

In Limhamn at the camping site

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