Rest areas and rest spots in Sweden

Rest areas in Sweden: Tossebergsklätten

In Sweden there are about 350 official rest areas and rest spots along motorways, European roads (E4, E6, E20 …) and major national roads. They are managed and maintained on behalf of the government agency “Trafikverket”, which is the Swedish transport administration.

Many rest areas are beautifully located

Standard and facilities of the rest areas vary. In general, there are at least information boards, toilets, rubbish bins and seats with tables. Some even have playgrounds, barbecue areas or bathing spots.

Rest area

Many rest areas are beautifully located next to lakes or they offer magnificent views.

Two examples are the rest area Tossebergsklätten near Sunne in Värmland and the rest area Brösarps Backar in Österlen, southeast Skåne (see pictures below for both rest areas).

Online map and directory of all rest areas

Those who want to plan their breaks in advance will find all rest areas in Sweden with information on standard, facilities and location on the website of Trafikverket:

This map is very complex and does not only list rest areas. It also contains a wealth of information about traffic situation, road work and road condition. It works with layers. You can even save your own favourite map views. This map is very valuable but not easy to understand, especially because it is only available in Swedish.

Extinct: “Rastplatskartan” – a road map with all Swedish rest areas

Rest areas in Sweden: Rastplatskartan

“Rastplatskartan” used to be a a little printed road map that was very handy for the car. This map was also produced by Trafikverket. It was updated every year.

Trafikverket first stopped printing the map and now seems to have stopped producing this map altogether – there is no 2021/2022 edition.

You can still download the 2016 edition from Trafikverket’s website. The map shows all official rest areas and rest spots in Sweden (status as of 2016).

I suppose Trafikverket will from now on only maintain the online directory, see above.

Sweden’s best rest areas

Motormännen, the Swedish Association of motorists, voted the best Swedish rest areas a few years ago:

  • Blekinge County: Senoren
  • Kronoberg County: Innaren
  • Västra Götaland: Boråstorpet
  • Uppsala County: Mora Stenar
  • Västernorrland County: Borgsjö
  • Skåne County: Anilla
  • Gävleborg County: Ångersjön
  • Östergötland County: Östgötaporten
  • Västerbotten County: Enebacken
  • Örebro County: Stora Hammarsundet, norra (northern)
  • Västmanland County: Frösvi
  • Kalmar County: Bröms
  • Dalarnas County: Spjutmosjön
  • Jönköping County: Gyllene Uttern (our favourite rest area because of the great view over Lake Vättern)
  • Jämtlands County: Krokomsviken
  • Värmlands County: Hänsjön
  • Halland County: Snapparp, östra
  • Norrbotten County: Kattilakoski
  • Södermanland County: Råbyhed, östra
  • Stockholm County: Stora Wäsby
  • Gotland County: Kyrkviken

Rest areas in Sweden: Brösarps backar

Brösarps backar in Österlen, Skåne

Rest areas in Sweden: Brösarps backar

Rest areas in Sweden: Tossebergsklätten

Tossebergsklätten on the E45 near Sunne in Värmland