Here are Sweden’s best alpine ski resorts

11 major resorts from Värmland to Lapland, with map – plus a few more

Åre is Sweden's best ski resort 2015

Sweden has a long alpine season. Depending on weather conditions, downhill slopes in central and northern Sweden may be open from mid-November until the end of May (even longer in Riksgränsen, see below). In recent years the industry has invested heavily in new runs, lifts, accommodations, and entertainment venues. Record guest numbers have been reported from almost all major Swedish ski resorts.

Åre in Jämtland hosted the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in 2019, which gave Sweden another boost as a ski destination (this was the second time around for Åre, after 2007). The new Scandinavian Mountains Aiport in Sälen, Dalarna will likewise help to attract more international winter tourists. Flights are available from London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and other airports.

In this article, we don’t want to give you an exhaustive list of all the ski slopes in every part of Sweden (you’ll find a link for that at the end of this article). There are many shorter slopes in small municipalities around the country. Some of them are only open during the Christmas season and during the Swedish sports holidays in early February. These slopes are usually not of any greater importance to tourists.

Instead, we will stick to the big resorts here and give you some basic facts about them. Moreover, we link to their official websites and to accommodation on so that you can check rates and availability (not just for hotel rooms but many times also for cabins, huts, apartments, and hostels). We’ve also prepared a map, see below.

New ski resorts

For the first time in almost 30 years, we got a completely new ski resort in the 2019/2020 season. It is Idre Himmelfjäll in Dalarna. Moreover, Dundret in Gällivare, Lapland re-opened as Nya Dundret, the “new Dundret”. We haven’t added them to our list and map yet because we would like to wait and see how they are doing in their first seasons.


Most of these resorts are also popular during the summer. Activities include hiking, trail running, and mountain biking. Accommodation is usually cheaper than in winter.

1. Branäs (in Värmland)


Easy to reach, just two hours from Karlstad by Lake Vänern and five hours from Gothenburg. Families with children like to ski here. 29 slopes, 21 lifts, 3 kid’s areas, 20 km of cross-country trails.

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2. Skistar Sälen (in Dalarna)


The Sälenfjällen area is Sweden’s largest alpine destination. It is situated about 420 km from Stockholm. You can now fly nationally and internationally, regular and charter, to a new airport in Sälen. The area (with Idre Fjäll, see below, and the Norwegian destinations Trysil and Engerdal) is now marketed as the “Scandinavian Mountains”.

SkiStar Sälen consists of four ski areas:

  • Lindvallen
  • Högfjället
  • Tandådalen
  • Hundfjället

Together the four areas offer varied skiing on 102 slopes. 87 lifts. Experium in Lindvallen with water park, indoor surfing, 3D cinema, bowling, shopping, food, and spa treatments. There is also a gym and playland in the building.

SkiStar Sälen has been voted as best Swedish ski resort 2019.

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3. Kläppen, Sälen (in Dalarna)


Kläppen lies south of Sälen, the first of the three Sälen resorts if you come from Malung in the south. The resort is family-run but has nevertheless invested a lot into new lifts. Kläppen is the 6th biggest alpine ski resort in Sweden. 37 slopes, 21 lifts. Highest peak is 655 metres. The resort has its own ICA grocery store.

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4. Stöten, Sälen (in Dalarna)


Stöten lies northwest of Sälen, towards the Norwegian border. 36 slopes, 18 lifts. Highest peak is 360 metres.

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5. Idre Fjäll (in Dalarna)


40 slopes. Skiing in four directions. With Dalarna’s steepest hill. About 500 km from Stockholm. After ski, grocery store, Pernilla Wiberg hotel.

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6. Vemdalen (in Härjedalen)


Vemdalen consists of the following ski areas:

  • Björnrike
  • Vemdalsskalet
  • Klövsjö/Storhogna

58 slopes, 35 lifts. About 500 km from Stockholm.

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7. Funäsfjällen/Funäsdalen (in Härjedalen)


136 slopes. 60 peaks over 1,000 metres. 300 km of world-class cross-country trails (“Nordic Ski Center”). Claims it’s Scandinavia’s largest ski region, with four major destinations:

  • Funäsdalen
  • Ramundberget
  • Tänndalen
  • Bruksvallarna

About 600 km from Stockholm.

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8. Åre (in Jämtland)


Repeatedly voted as Sweden’s best ski resort. 89 slopes, 42 lifts, including a cable car to the magnificent Åreskutan mountain. With the following three areas:

  • Duved
  • Åre Village
  • Åre Björnen

Åre is easy to reach via the Åre Östersund airport. There are direct flights from London, Copenhagen and other cities.

Of course, flights from Stockholm are available as well.

Åre was voted as best Swedish ski resort six times in a row, 2013 – 2018.

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9. Kittelfjäll (in Lapland)


This is freeride paradise. Kittelfjäll is best known for heli-skiing and off-piste. There are just 4 lifts but 42 slopes. Easiest to get here is via the airport in Vilhelmina (South Lapland Airport).

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10. Hemavan (in Lapland)


Hemavan and Tärnaby are two resorts with 50 slopes in total. About 18 km between the two villages. Unfortunately, they no longer offer a joint ski pass. Hemavan has its own airport with connections to Stockholm. Ingemar Stenmark and Anja Pärson grew up in Tärnaby.

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11. Riksgränsen (in Lapland)


On the border between Sweden and Norway, way up north. Only 6 lifts but 29 slopes. Off-piste: “A lot.” Unusual season: end of February until end of May or later. You can go skiing in the midnight sun if you come late in the season – this is truly unique.

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Map with the 11 best ski resorts in Sweden

Coming from Stockholm?

There are three fine ski resorts that attract many skiers from Stockholm and the Mälardalen valley. Check here: and and

Even closer to central Stockholm are the Hammarbybacken slope and the Flottsbro slope. However, these ski areas are more dependent on cold weather conditions.

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Stöten in Sälen

Stöten in Sälen, Dalarna

Åre photo on the top of the page: SkiStar/Karl Hägglund. Last photo: Stöten i Sälen, via VisitSweden DK.