Regions in Sweden

Here you will find regions and provinces in Sweden. From Skåne in the South to Lapland in the North – including the popular tourist destinations Småland, Bohuslän, Värmland and Dalarna. All in all, Sweden has 25 historical provinces. They are called landskap in Swedish. To simplify matters, we just call them “regions” here on our site. (We haven’t covered all 25 yet.)

Regions in southern Sweden

Ales Stenar in Skåne (Scania)


Skåne is also called "Scania" in English Skåne in southern Sweden is full of contrasts. It has deep green forests, vast plains, rolling hills and...
Karlskrona in Blekinge


Besides the well-known and popular regions like Småland, Dalarna and Bohuslän there are some smaller provinces in Sweden. They are less well-known but nevertheless...
Lake Åsnen National Park


Småland could be called the home of Swedish culture. Småland has enchanted forests, idyllic glades, mirror-like lakes and falun-red homesteads where Vilhelm Moberg's "emigrants"...
The island of Öland


Sweden's sunny island The island of Öland is Sweden's smallest province and has few permanent inhabitants. In the summer months, however, Öland attracts a large...


Halland is a province that you can fall in love with quickly. We have experienced it ourselves. This is mostly due to the fantastic...
Karlsborg in Västergtötland


Västergötland is the main region of West Sweden. Västergötland is a beautiful natural landscape and a province that is marked by its historic heritage. Every...


Bohuslän attracts visitors with a unique combination of food, outdoor, and cultural experiences. Bohuslän is part of West Sweden and stretches from Gothenburg all...
Bengtsfors in Dalsland


If we want to leave Gothenburg behind for a while, we can reach Dalsland in a two-hour drive by car. Then we are right...


The province of Sörmland is located southwest of Stockholm. Sörmland is particularly known for its numerous castles and manor houses but also for its...


Thanks to increasingly reliable long-term forecasts from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and its Swedish counterpart, we sometimes go on spontaneous trips in Sweden if...

Regions in central Sweden

Örebro Castle


When we went to Örebro for the first time, we only had a vague idea about the city and the region. We knew of...
Säffle in Värmland


Värmland borders on Dalsland in the south and on Dalarna in the north. Foreign tourists usually only come to Värmland during the summer, but the Swedes...
The Lake Siljan region


Sweden's most Swedish province? It is often said that Dalarna is Sweden's centrepiece, the "most Swedish province in Sweden." Dalarna has retained its rural traditions....

Regions in northern Sweden

Quality Hotel & Resort Frösö Park


The province of Jämtland is situated in northern Sweden. Östersund, founded in 1786, is the region’s only city. The Sámi culture, with its own history...
Lapland (photo: Silke Nordfjäll)


From Malmö in southern Sweden it is about 1,200 km to the southern border of Lapland. Given this distance, it is not surprising that...

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