Malmö sightseeing: A boat tour through the canals and around the city centre

Sightseeing in Malmö

As in Gothenburg and Stockholm, sightseeing in Malmö can also be done by boat. The flat excursion boats are somewhat reminiscent of the boats used in Gothenburg. They are open, offer visibility in all directions and hold around 50 passengers. The boats operate from the beginning of April until the end of September.

The tour in Malmö takes a good three quarters of an hour. It takes you around the city centre on canals. You pass under 18 bridges – if I counted correctly.

The tour is called Rundan Sightseeing. “Rundan” means something like round or circle.

The tour starts directly at the central station/bus station. Norra Vallgatan is the name of the street.

  A boat tour through Malmö’s canals – 50 minutes

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Sightseeing in Malmö

Sightseeing in Malmö

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