Hostels in Sweden

There are approximately 350 hostels in Sweden that you can book online. The major Swedish hostel association is STF (Svenska Turistföreningen). Moreover, you will find many independent hostels. Hostels are often called “vandrarhem” in Swedish.

Most Swedish hostels are no longer “youth hostels”. You can stay there even if you are 60+.

Some hostels offer both budget accommodations (where you make your bed) and rooms with hotel standard.

  Hostels anywhere in Sweden

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Road sign for hostel in Sweden

Swedish roadsign for hostels

STF Grövelsjön

STF Grövelsjön Hostel in Dalarna

Our photo on the top of this page is from City Backpackers, Stockholm; roadsign: Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) via; photo STF Grövelsjön: Anette Andersson/STF