Stockholm Avicii Arena: SkyView glass gondola ride

SkyView and Stockholm Globe Arena

The Stockholm Globe Arena is one of the most distinctive landmarks of the Swedish capital. Originally the building was named after its initial sponsor: the Ericsson Globe. Now it is offically named Avicii Arena. However, most Swedes just call it “Globen”, i. e. “the Globe”.

The Globe opened in 1989 and is considered to be the largest spherical building in the world. The event hall can hold up to 16,000 spectators.

Since February 2010, the Globe has a spectacular attraction on its outside, the SkyView. The SkyView is a kind of glass elevator with which you can drive on the outer skin of the Globe to its very top.

Since the SkyView was installed, the Stockholmers joke that the Globe looks like a butt now when viewed from a longer distance.

In dizzying heights – “On top of the Globe”

The SkyView consists of two glass gondolas, each of which offers space for 16 persons (maximum load 1,200 kg). The gondolas are mounted to two rails on the facade of the Globe. The journey leads all the way up to the apex of the Globe, which corresponds to an altitude of 130 meters above the sea.

“SkyView – On top of the Globe” was chosen as slogan for the new viewpoint. If you visit Stockholm, you can start your sightseeing tour here with an unforgettable bird’s-eye view.

A thrilling ride

When you start your journey, you are first led into a small movie theatre where you get to see a five-minute film about the creation of the Globe and the construction of the SkyView. Then you can enter the gondola.

I found the steep ride up very exciting. I myself have a fear of heights, and I therefore looked down on the floor all the time. When the gondola had reached the top, I felt relieved and could look freely in all directions and enjoy the magnificent view of Stockholm. The return trip was no problem for me.

Built like a ski lift

The SkyView was built by Swedish engineers who normally build ski lifts: Liftbyggarna from Östersund. Almost all parts of the SkyView are custom-made.

Largest event venue in northern Europe

The SkyView is located in the largest event venue in northern Europe, the Stockholm Globe Arenas. Every year about 1.4 million people enjoy world-class sports, music and entertainment events here such as the Eurovision Song Contest.

Tele 2 soccer arena

There is also a soccer arena next to the Avicii Arena. This stadium is officially named “Tele2 Arena” after its sponsor.

Globen Shopping

In addition to many exclusive office buildings, there is also a shopping centre with 60 shops, the “Globen Shopping”.


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Tickets for the SkyView glass gondola ride are also included in the Stockholm Go City All-Inclusive Pass (“Stockholm Pass” for short; as of March 2024).

  Hotels near the SkyView and Avicii Arena

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We especially recommend the  Motel L where we have twice stayed ourselves. This is a very modern hotel with air conditioning, a tram stop right in front, and several pleasant cafés and restaurants around the corner in an area that is called Hammarby sjöstad.

SkyView on top of the Stockholm Globe

SkyView on top of the Stockholm Globe

SkyView on top of the Stockholm Globe

SkyView on top of the Stockholm Globe

SkyView on top of the Stockholm Globe

SkyView on top of the Stockholm Globe

The Stockholm Globe gets a facelift

In 27 years a lot of dirt had accumulated on the surface of the Stockholm Globe. The tourist attraction, therefore, got a facelift before the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2016. With high pressure washers, spezialied workers cleaned the Globe section by section. This was the first exterior cleaning in the history of the famous building.

The Stockholm Globe gets a facelift before the Eurovision

The Stockholm Globe gets a facelift before the Eurovision

The Stockholm Globe gets a facelift before the Eurovision

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Our photo on the top of the page was taken in the middle of the Götgatan street on Södermalm, near the Medborgarplatsen square. Source for the text on the cleaning of the Globe: Klätterservice i Norden AB; photos: Johan Marklund.