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Guided “fika tours” in the café town Alingsås, near Gothenburg

Fika, the Swedish coffe break, is the backbone of daily life for a Swede. It is a social event that could even be described as giving the Swedes a sense of place and who they are.

Derived from the word “kafi” (coffee), fika is a time to sit down, relax, take a break from what you are doing and socialize.

Fika is not something you can do on your own – generations of Swedes have relaxed together, solved problems, made new friends and fallen in love during fika.

Fika is often accompanied by a delicious cinnamon bun or pastry, or even a sandwich.

Take a tour of Sweden’s “fika capital” Alingsås

The Café Town, Alingsås, has a flourishing fika culture and is known for its authentic history of long established cafés and bakeries, which date back as far as the 1700s.

Today the town is renowned as Sweden’s café center, with around 30 cafés, three of which are in the prestigious White Guide Café guide. Join a fascinating guided fika tour (1.5 hours) through Alingsås, learn about the old Swedish tradition of fika, and experience the envious Swedish lifestyle.

Visit two cafés and taste cinnamon buns, truffles, pastries and cookies

The tour includes visits to two cafés which are members of the White guide: Ekstedts bakery & Café and Nygrens Café. Guests will also get to taste cinnamon buns, truffles, pastries and cookies. Guests also get a little goodie bag of samples to take away with them.

The tour costs 330 SEK per person and is available every Saturday at 11.00 from April 2 until October 29: www.vastsverige.com/en/alingsas/

The Capital of Fika

Alingsås, Sweden’s “Capital of Fika”, is located about 45 km east of Gothenburg in Västergötland (West Sweden).

  Hotels in Alingsås and Gothenburg

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