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“The Luleå Way” – All the films

#theluleaway: A series of promotional films about Lapland's second largest city

Luleå in northern Sweden has produced a series of image films, really fancy commercials. The series uses the hashtag #theluleaway. A film about winter in Luleå is due to come out in a few weeks. We’ll post it here once it is published.

“The Luleå Way” is a film concept developed by Visit Luleå to attract more visitors to the city.

Previously, the films “The Luleå Way” (see above on this page) and “Summer – The Luleå Way” were released. A few weeks ago these films were supplemented with a “Behind the scenes” film, which described the work behind the film and how the concept was developed. All in all, the films have been viewed almost 700,000 times.

Now “Autumn – The Luleå Way” has been released, a film that showcases the Luleå region in autumn colours. “With this film, we would like to prove that Luleå has much to offer the global tourist during autumn, and it’s not just during the summer and winter Luleå is worth a visit,” says Maria Wahlberg, communications manager at Visit Luleå.

As with the previous films it is Jacob Nilsson, Silverview, and Viktor Johansson, More Media, who have created the film on behalf of Visit Luleå.

In just a few weeks, the fourth film in the concept series “The Luleå Way” will be released.



Behind the scenes

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Luleå is part of Norrbotten County and does not belong to the Lapland Province geographically. However, as the three provinces Lapland, Norrbotten, and Västerbotten (with the city of Umeå) all refer to themselves as “(Swedish) Lapland” in their marketing, we stick to this definition of “Lapland”. It is roughly equivalent to Norrbotten County and Västerbotten County. Confused? Read more about these definitions in our main article about Lapland.

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Source: Visit Luleå

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