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What’s new and upcoming in Stockholm in 2024

Here are seven (re-)openings and anniversaries to look forward to in Stockholm in 2024.

– Throughout 2024: 100th anniversary of Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn is an interior design shop located on Strandvägen 5. It was founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson, who recruited Josef Frank to the company 10 years later. The company is famous for its high-quality and innovative designs in furniture, textiles, lighting, and home accessories.

In addition, you can visit their café. Café Svenskt Tenn serves salty, sour and sweet dishes that follow the changing seasons.

– Throughout 2024: 100th anniversary of Tekniska Museet (National Museum of Science and Technology)

Tekniska Museet is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a series of events, both small and large, spanning an extended period. The jubilee was initiated last year on December 5th with the opening of Wisdome Stockholm by the King of Sweden.

For its 100th anniversary, the museum aims to present itself as a new type of institution. While remaining family friendly as always, the museum will now also be open daily from 10 am to 10 pm for events.

In April, The Cell in Hagastaden will be opened, followed by a new immersive exhibition about the forest starting in May. With numerous small and large events, one can look forward to a bustling atmosphere at the Tekniska Museet.

– April 2024: The Cell life science opens at Tekniska Museet

The Cell will open on April 18th. It is located on the ground floor of Tekniska Museet (National Museum of Science and Technology) and is a collaborative venture between the museum and Karolinska Institute. This dynamic space aims to offer exhibitions, laboratories, and engaging encounters with influential figures in the field of life science.

Functioning as a resource center on weekdays for students and teachers, The Cell transforms into a multipurpose venue on weekends and evenings, fostering interesting discussions, creative arts, and music experiences, all with the overarching goal of inspiring interest, learning, and future careers in life science.

– June 2024: Re-opening of ArkDes

After a reconstruction, ArkDes is preparing to welcome visitors back on June 14th. The museum’s amazing collection, a hidden cultural treasure of four million objects, will finally be open again. Even the Gingerbread House Exhibition is gearing up for a grand return in 2024, with promises of being even better than ever!

– July 2024: Launch of the new electric ferry into use as public transport

Candela has unveiled the Candela P-12 Shuttle, touted as the world’s fastest, longest-range, and most energy-efficient electric boat (see the photo above). Primarily designed for public transport, this innovative vessel will operate between the Stockholm suburb of Ekerö and the city center, planned for 2024.

With a speed of 30 knots, it surpasses other electric boats, offering faster commuting than traditional subway and bus routes. This electric vessel is not only faster than rush hour car travel but is also significantly more energy-efficient than diesel-powered vessels on the same route. Boasting a long range and zero emissions, the Candela P-12 Shuttle represents a sustainable and efficient leap in marine technology for public transportation.

– August 2024: 40th anniversary of the 10K Tjejmilen run

On August 31, 2024, Tjejmilen will be a proud 40 years old, and this will be celebrated with a spectacular party. As an exclusive event for women, it is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

For the 40th year, thousands of women will gather on Gärdet in Stockholm, not only to run the challenging 10 kilometers, but also to set an impressive sign of female strength and solidarity that will encompass the entire city of Stockholm.

– November 2024: Inauguration of Stockholm Archipelago Trail

A new 270 km long Stockholm Archipelago Trail will approximately open in November 2024. It will be accessible from public ferries, spanning 19 islands and featuring a digital platform for navigation and service information. This transformative project aims to showcase cultural and natural diversity while promoting responsible tourism, encouraging visitors to tread lightly.

– November 2024: DreamHack celebrating 30th Anniversary

The world’s largest gaming and culture festival, DreamHack, will take place in Stockholm in November 2024, marking its largest-ever event. Hosted at Stockholmsmässan in collaboration with Elgiganten, the festival is set to showcase Stockholm’s status as a gaming hub and is expected to be a highlight in gaming culture.

DreamHack, celebrating its 30th anniversary, has grown from a LAN festival to a global sensation, with Jönköping hosting its major events for the past 22 years.

DreamHack Summer 2024 is scheduled for June 14-16 in Jönköping, followed by DreamHack Stockholm in Stockholm from November 22-24.

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Source: VisitSweden US. Photo of boat: Candela. Photo of museum: Tekniska museet.

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