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The modern workplace from a Swedish perspective – Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy

This year’s Swedish design endeavor at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy presents the modern workplace from a Swedish perspective: a dynamic, live/work space that is both home-like and deeply productive. The focus is on durability, ergonomics, technology, innovation and the importance of relaxation and rejuvenation. Swedish design goes Milan from 14 to 19 April 2015.

Work from anywhere

There’s been a shift in how we work and live. Home and the workplace have become blurred. Technology allows us to work from anywhere. Yet we need to make room for relaxation and recreation.

Swedish design: #swedenpresspause

The Swedish design exhibition “#swedenpresspause”, by curators Nyström Persia, focuses on the importance of respite from our daily work. Taking a break may seem like lost time, but it can, in fact, be a shortcut to great ideas.

Sweden’s furniture tradition

Sweden’s furniture tradition is heavily influenced by the abundance of countryside, thus this exhibition brings a sustainability mindset, along with a tradition of fine craftsmanship and unique entrepreneurial spirit. The Swedish lounge is an oasis of cutting-edge design, where visitors can rest, grab a coffee, recharge their devices and meet with contacts.

From 14 to 19 April 2015

With over 2,000 exhibitors, more than 200,000 square metres of exhibition space and thousands of products making their market debut, the Salone del Mobile is the acknowledged sectoral international benchmark event year after year, attracting more than 300,000 visitors from over 160 countries.

The Swedish presence will be in Hall 22, stand F20-24, strategically located near “The Walk”, a major installation by Italian EXPO architect Michele De Lucchi. The Salone will be held from 14 to 19 April 2015.

Swedish Design Goes Milan 2015 is a collaboration between Business Sweden, VisitSweden and the Swedish Embassy.

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Sources: VisitSweden and Salone del Mobile; photo: A2 designers

Kinnarps at Salone del Mobile 2015: How healthy is your workplace?

Kinnarps, Nichetto Studio and Arabeschi di Latte have collaborated to create the exhibition concept “Workplace Wellness” – an installation that raises the discussion how we can create working environments that let our minds take as much space as our bodies.

Kinnarps, together with leading experts within the fields of architecture, design and technology, has identified the workspace trends of the future. One of the most prominent trends is “Office biology”: In the future the requirements and needs of the individual employee will be in focus.

Workplace Wellness

“Wellness is a global trend, which we can see in many areas, not only in work space design. However, we think it is time to talk more about it in our business – for real, how healthy is the workplace? Many companies think it cost a fortune to invest in health but we think a smart interior architecture that creates movement or a variety of settings could do a lot for enhancing employee wellness. This is also why we want to show the Workplace Wellness exhibition during Milan Design Week; we want people to be aware of the design opportunities they have,” says Paulina Lundström, Marketing and Communication Director at Kinnarps.

Installation by Luca Nichetto

Famous Nichetto Studio has created the visual installation. The result is an inspiring installation where the visitor can get an insight into how the workplace of the future will look.

“People who are happy at work do a better job. It’s that simple. By designing environments that are packed full of wellness and pleasant feelings, we also create better personnel,” says the designer Luca Nichetto.

Offect, Sweden


Baux, Sweden


Source: Kinnarps, a Swedish interior design company; photos: Swedish Design Goes Milan

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