NEW: 42 free self-cleaning public toilets in Stockholm

Free public toilets in Stockholm

If you’ve been to Stockholm, you know how difficult it is to find toilets in the city centre. Toilets are rare, they are charged for, and they are often located in the back of stores and other hard-to-find places.

To make things worse, tourists often don’t have the necessary 10 SEK coin to get in, or the toilets can only be opened by sending a text message from a mobile phone registered in Sweden.

That is why the toilet situation has annoyed many Stockholm visitors, especially those travelling with children.

Free public toilets in Stockholm

The toilet at Norra Bantorget was offcially opened today

The good news is that all in all 42 new free self-cleaning toilets will be made available this year. About half of them are already in place. Here are the locations:

Toilets that are already in place

  • Bredäng/Trissan playground
  • Fruängsplan
  • Hornsbergsstrand
  • Humlegården
  • Rålambshovsparken
  • Sjövikstorget
  • Smedsuddsbadet
  • Telefonplan/Mikrofonvägen
  • Bagarmossen
  • Liljeholmen
  • Hökarängen (available shortly)
  • Spånga stationsplan (available shortly)
  • Stigbergsparken (available shortly)
  • Tegnerlunden (available shortly)
  • Blackeberg
  • Norra Bantorget

Toilets that will be available soon

  • Bergsgruvan
  • Kista Busstorg (end of August)
  • Odenplan/Citybanan (end of July)
  • Tjärhovsplan (end of August)
  • Årsta Torg (end of June)
  • Långholmsbadet
  • Tessinparken
  • Tensta/Nydalsparken
  • Vitabergsparken
  • Södermälarstrand
  • Karlaplan
  • Vällingby/Grötfatet
  • Ringvägen/Ringen

Toilets that will be available later this year

  • Fridhemsplan
  • Kristineberg
  • Observatorielunden/Drottninggatan
  • Observatorielunden/Sveavägen
  • Bondegatan/Sofia bollplan
  • Anders Franzéns park
  • Aspuddsparken
  • Droskan/Folkungatan
  • Hjorthagen/Artemisstrappan
  • Bergsgatan/Polisparken
  • Skogskyrkogården
  • Hornsgatan/Zinkensdamm
  • Annedal/Uggleparken

More toilets will be installed next year. Eventually, 70 new public toilets will have been installed.

Toilet map

There is a Google map available with all the toilets: Stockholm’s public toilets. The toilets with dark green checkmarks are the ones that are in operation (“i drift”). The map seems to be managed and updated by the administration of the city.


For iPhones there is also an app with map available. It seems to be based on the same data as the map above.

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Source and photos: Miljöpartiet de gröna i Stockholms stad