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“Inside Sweden’s Silicon Valley” by Ashlee Vance (Bloomberg)

Sweden's rise as a technology power

Ashlee Vance travels from Stockholm to Luleå, discovering how the Swedes got so good at making the things the whole world loves.

How could this tiny nation end up as perhaps Europe’s premiere technology power?

As usual we will guide you through the video:

  • (at 0:00 in the video) The Treehotel in Härads, northern Sweden
  • (0:54) Introduction: The Swedes are up to weird and wonderful things
  • (2:18) Stockholm fosters tech addiction: Spotify, Skype, Minecraft and Candy Crush all got their start here; the Stockholm “Epicenter” (House of Innovation)
  • (3:30) Robots by Furhat Robotics
  • (7:00) Sweden’s rise as a tech power: broadband, subsidized PCs, and a nation of pirates
  • (8:20) Interview with Daniel Ek, CEO and Founder of Spotify
  • (10:10) The Jante Law and some of the rules of it
  • (13:00) A night on the town
  • (14:20) Luleå: the Facebook data centre
  • (18:24) Cheap reliable power from hydroelectric dams (Vattenfall)
  • (22:05) Conclusion: “The people here try harder than anyone else to find a balance between striving for a bright future while living in their means.” (Surprisingly similar to Rick Steves’ bottom line: “Travelling here, you meet a people who have struck that elusive balance between the productive life and the good life.”)

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