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6,000 lights and torches: New Year’s Walk in Norrköping

Up to 40,000 people choose to walk the New Year’s Walk in Norrköping during the final hours of the year – a cherished tradition since 1999.

The atmospheric walk on New Year’s Eve takes you through the illuminated Industrilandskapet (Industrial Landscape) on a road lined with torches, lights and choral singing. It takes about two hours to light the 6,000 lights. The walk ends with beautiful fireworks.

“It will be a fantastic sight with all the torches and the Norrköping Light Festival’s light installations, truly a feast for the eye and the mind,” says Carita Nordh, Events Coordinator at Upplev Norrköping.

The walk starts at the statue of Moa Martinson at Grytstorget on December 31, 16:00 (4 p.m.).

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Source: Upplev Norrköping; the video is from the 2011 New Year’s Walk in Norrköping

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