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Northern lights filmed in stunning quality – by AURORA Skycam

Right in time for the next aurora borealis season, you can now see northern lights filmed in a previously unknown quality. The team from German-Norwegian film company AURORA Skycam was out in Norway and Sweden in August 2015 for 12 days: “On our tour we’ve been driving 4,600 km, chasing good weather, dark skies, northern lights, and Miss Aurora´s dance.”

The footage with the new Canon ME20F-SH high definition video camera records the borealis in never-before-seen clarity, revealing colour and high definition detail that has opened up new creative possibilities, according to AURORA Skycam’s Anders Hanssen.

“All the footage we recorded was done during a new moon phase so there was no light in the sky at all. It was as dark as it’s possible to get,” says Anders.

Aurora Sky Station in Lapland, Sweden

The best place in Sweden to experience Northern Lights is the Aurora Sky Station in Lapland. Aurora Sky Station is situated on Mount Nuolja, 900 meters above sea level, in an area with very few distracting sources of light or sound. Lonely Planet has listed the ten best places in the world to experience light and chosen Aurora Sky Station as the best place to experience Northern Lights.

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The Abisko Mountain Lodge is located only 10 minutes away from the chair lift to Aurora Sky Station.

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Northern lights filmed in stunning quality

Northern lights filmed in stunning quality

Source: Canon Svenska AB, Canon Professional Network CPN; photos via Canon Svenska AB

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