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Vasaloppet 2020: Calendar of events for Winter Week and Summer Week – New: Everyone receives a medal

Vasaloppet medals 2020

Getting a medal after finishing is an important symbol for many race participants. Vasaloppet has previously only awarded medals in certain races but Vasaloppet leadership has decided that from Vasaloppet’s Winter and Summer Weeks 2020 all participants who complete their races will receive a medal.

Three different categories of medals will be awarded: Placement medals, Achievement medals and Participation medals, all in a new design with a nice new ribbon.

Vasaloppet new medals 2020

The purpose is to strengthen the ceremony at the finish and give everyone the attention they deserve. At the same time participants can choose not to receive their medal if they do not want one.

Placement medals

From 2020 placement medals of gold, silver and bronze will be awarded to the first, second and third placed participant in the six individual competition races; Vasaloppet, Tjejvasan, Cykelvasan 90, Ultravasan 90, Ultravasan 45 and Trailvasan 30.

Achievement medals

Achievement medals are awarded in Vasaloppet and Ultravasan 90. In Vasaloppet achievement medals have been awarded since 1923 to those who finish within the winning time + 50 percent.

In Vasaloppet 2019 there were 1,926 men who received medals. The medal time in 2019 was 6.58.53 because Tore Björset Berdal’s winning time was 4.39.15. 118 ladies also received medals in Vasaloppet 2019. The medal time in 2019 for ladies was 7.21.37 since Britta Johansson Norgren’s winning time was 4.54.24.

In the running race Ultravasan 90 achievement medals are awarded to those who finish within 9.5 hours (men) and 11 hours (women).

Participation medals

Participation medals are awarded in all Vasaloppet races to all other participants (those who do not get placement or achievement medals) who complete their races.

Upcoming events in the Vasaloppet Arena

Vasaloppet Winter Week 2020
Fri 21 Feb: Vasaloppet 30 (formerly Kortvasan). 30 km. Start Oxberg.
Sat 22 Feb: Tjejvasan. 30 km. Start Oxberg.
Sun 23 Feb: Ungdomsvasan. 9/19 km Start Eldris/Hökberg.
Sun 23 Feb: Öppet Spår Sunday. 90 km. Start Sälen.
Mon 24 Feb: Öppet Spår Monday. 90 km. Start Sälen.
Tue 25 Feb: Vasaloppet 45 (formerly Halvvasan). 45 km. Start Oxberg.
Fri 28 Feb: Stafettvasan. 9–24 km. Five-person teams. Start Sälen.
Fri 28 Feb: Nattvasan 90. 90 km. Two-person teams. Start Sälen.
Fri 28 Feb: Nattvasan 45. 90 km. Two-person teams. Start Oxberg.
Sat 29 Feb: Blåbärsloppet. 9 km. Start Eldris.
Sun 1 Mar: Vasaloppet. 90 km. Start Sälen.

Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2020
Fri 14 Aug: Cykelvasan Öppet Spår. 94 km. Start Sälen
Fri 14 Aug: Cykelvasasprinten. 1 km. Lindvallen. Start Sälen
Sat 15 Aug: Cykelvasan 90. 94 km. Start Sälen
Sun 16 Aug: Cykelvasan 30. 32 km. Start Oxberg
Sun 16 Aug: Ungdomscykelvasan. 32 km. Start Oxberg
Sun 16 Aug: Cykelvasan 45. 45 km. Start Oxberg
Sat 22 Aug: Trailvasan 30. 30 km. Start Oxberg
Sat 22 Aug: Ultravasan 45. 45 km. Start Oxberg
Sat 22 Aug: Ultravasan 90. 90 km. Start Sälen
Sat 22 Aug: Vasastafetten. 90 km. Running relay for ten-person teams. Start Sälen
Sat 22 Aug: Vasakvartetten. 90 km. Running relay for four-person teams. Start Sälen

Vasaloppstrippeln 2020
Vasaloppstrippeln 30. Vasaloppet 30 (formerly Kortvasan) or Tjejvasan + Cykelvasan 30 + Trailvasan 30
Vasaloppstrippeln 45. Vasaloppet 45 (formerly Halvvasan) or Nattvasan 45 + Cykelvasan 45 + Ultravasan 45
Vasaloppstrippeln 90. Vasaloppet or Öppet Spår Sunday or Öppet Spår Monday or Nattvasan 90 + Cykelvasan 90 or Cykelvasan Öppet Spår + Ultravasan 90

Background info

Vasaloppet is the world’s biggest organiser of recreational races, all year round and a part of En Svensk Klassiker. Vasaloppet’s Winter Week with its cross country skiing and the Summer Week with mountain bike cycling and running attracts a total of almost 100,000 registered participants every year. Since the beginning in 1922 over one million participants have passed under the classic finish portal in Mora. Vasaloppet is a non-profit making organisation owned by IFK Mora and Sälens IF. An engine for public health and organisational activities, in the footsteps our forefathers for the victories of tomorrow!

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Source: Vasaloppet; medal photos: Vasaloppet; last photo: Vasaloppet/Nisse Schmidt

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