Haga Park and Haga Palace in Solna, Stockholm

Haga Park and Haga Castle in Solna, Stockholm

The lovely Haga Park (Hagaparken) is situated north of Norrtull, a public square and transportation hub in Stockholm. The park is part of the municipality of Solna. Despite this, it remains centrally positioned in Stockholm: To the west of Haga Park is the Karolinska Sjukhuset hospital, and to the east is Stockholm University, along the shores of Brunnsviken bay.

To reach the park from Stockholm city centre, you can take a bus. Alternatively, if you enjoy long walks, you can head north along Sveavägen from Sergels Torg to reach the southern entrance of the park.

Haga Park has a history dating back to the 17th century when it served as hunting grounds for King Karl XII and the Swedish royal family.

In the 18th century, King Gustav III transformed it into a picturesque landscape garden inspired by English styles, featuring winding paths, waterfalls, bridges, and mature trees, creating a harmonious blend of nature and architecture.

Haga Park is for sports enthusiasts

Today, Haga Park caters to sports enthusiasts, attracting joggers, cyclists, and those interested in beach volleyball, tennis, canoeing, and rowing.

During the summer, hundreds of joggers flock to the park in the late afternoon and early evening. Here you can see the fittest and most beautiful boys and girls in the Swedish capital.

You can also enjoy a leisurely walk to appreciate Haga Park’s natural beauty, location, and tranquillity. Of course, the park is always popular for picnics.

No photography allowed at Victoria’s palace

Noteworthy buildings in Haga Park include Haga Palace (Haga Slott), the residence of Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel.

Unfortunately, the palace, built in 1763, is not open to the public. Photography is prohibited, as indicated by signs and enforced by surveillance cameras and security guards.

A part of Ekoparken

Haga Park is part of Ekoparken, Stockholm’s Royal National City Park, making it a unique destination. The national city park extends for roughly 20 km from the island of Djurgården in the southeast to the district of Kista in the northwest.

Discovering Solna’s attractions

What else is there to see in Solna?

The municipality, home to Haga Park, proudly hosts Sweden’s national arena, the home ground of the Swedish men’s national football team. Formerly known as Friends Arena, it will be renamed Strawberry Arena in July 2024. The stadium can accommodate 50,000 spectators, and up to 65,000 at concerts.

Solna is also home to the Mall of Scandinavia, Sweden’s largest shopping centre, attracting numerous visitors and tourists.

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Haga Park and Haga Castle in Solna, Stockholm

The pavilion of King Gustav III

Haga Park and Haga Castle in Solna, Stockholm

Haga Park and Haga Castle in Solna, Stockholm

Haga Park and Haga Castle in Solna, Stockholm

Boats in Brunnsviken bay

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