Sergels Torg – Stockholm’s busy square

Sergels torg, Stockholm

If you want to immerse yourself in the vibrant city life of Stockholm, you should sit on a bench on the lively and sometimes noisy Sergels Torg square and watch the hurrying Stockholmers for a while. Here is the busy city centre. The main shopping streets lead to this square.


Below the public square there is the Stockholm metro hub T-Centralen and the shopping centre Sergelarkaden. In front of T-Centralen you find the black-and-white tile pattern that consists of large-sized triangles and is well-known from many photos (see our picture below).

The Stockholmers call this part of Sergels torg just Plattan. Sometimes political demonstrations take place here. Unfortunately, this is also a place where criminality and drug trafficking have spread (be aware of pickpockets). Therefore, many Stockholmers avoid this place in the evening. As a result there are hardly any restaurants in this area.


On the south side of Sergels Torg there is the massive construction of the cultural centre. Here in the Kulturhuset you can read the newspaper, visit exhibitions, have a coffee or go to the theatre.

Tourist information centre

The Kulturhuset also used to house Stockholm’s major tourist information centre. It was run by Stockholm Visitors Board (SVB) but closed in 2019. The official tourist information for Stockholm can now only be reached via e-mail or phone.

Department store Åhléns City

In the immediate vicinity of Sergels Torg, on the Klarabergsgatan 50, you can find the large department store Åhléns City. In the basement it also has a food section where you can stock up on the essentials. Among other things there are ready-made salads and baguettes – and this food is often better and cheaper than at most of the kiosks around Sergels Torg.

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Sergels torg

Sergels Torg after years of reconstruction. – The first of the five high-rise buildings houses the Avicii Experience (“Avicii Museum”). Address: Sergelgatan 2.

Sergels torg

Now the streetcar also runs across the square.

Sergels torg

The extended streetcar line 7. You can see the department store Åhléns City on the left side of the picture.

Sergels torg, Stockholm

“Plattan”: The police are often here, sometimes to prevent crimes, sometimes to intervene. “Violence, pickpockets, drug trafficking, shoplifting, punched shop windows, stabbings and threats of store personnel. With this reality, visitors, shopkeepers and homeowners are faced in the area around Sergels Torg today.” (Press release “City i Samverkan”, February 2014, our translation)

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