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Paradox Museum Stockholm – An interactive experience museum

With over 70 paradox-based exhibits on 1,000 square metres, Paradox Museum Stockholm is something intelligent, funny and completely new. The experience museum is different from all other activities and museums on offer in Stockholm. It appeals to young and old alike. The museum is located on Sergelgatan, not far from Sergels torg and Hötorget – in other words, right in the centre of Stockholm.

Janne Broman founded the Fotografiska together with his brother Per. It opened in 2010 and is now a highly visible landmark in Stockholm. Janne left Fotografiska in 2020 to start his new museum project, the Paradox Museum.

“I see the Paradox Museum as a new happy place right in the centre of Stockholm. It is a playful world with many visual and interactive objects, more interactive than a cinema, more intelligent than a work of art and more fun than an escape room. I have long dreamed of developing a concept that appeals to all ages – where you go home with a ‘wow’ feeling and know that you have learned something. In the Paradox Museum concept, I have been able to realise all that – and more,” says Janne Broman.

In the Paradox Museum, visitors learn how the brain, human vision and perception work. There are numerous visual, interactive and unexpected experiences that are truly challenging.

Visitors can also take spectacular photos and videos where you don’t know what is up or down, big or small, real or unreal. You can’t believe your eyes in this museum: Optical illusions are everywhere.

The Paradox Museum in Stockholm is a must-see experience. There will be more exciting news in 2023.


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The Paradox Museum Stockholm

The Paradox Museum Stockholm

The Paradox Museum Stockholm

The Paradox Museum Stockholm

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Source and images: Paradox Museum Stockholm. Our translation and editing.

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