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Stockholm: Archipelago Sightseeing Cruise with Guide – 2½ hours

We are often asked to recommend a boat tour of the archipelago. It should give a good insight, be fun and not be overly long. Those who make a Stockholm mini-trip over the weekend or a short visit during their Swedish vacation, after all, are usually not looking for an extensive day trip. We can recommend you a boat tour that is two and a half hours long and, depending on the departure time and the option chosen, also offers refreshments. The tour is not even expensive. It is the most frequently booked with us, and the customer reviews are very positive.

The ships used on the archipelago tour are historical. Either MS Östanå (see picture above), built in 1906, or SS Stockholm, built in 1931, is sailing.

The archipelago tour is with guide (English/Swedish). Even without good knowledge of English the trip is worthwhile. After all, the views from the ship and the experience of the boat tour are the main point of the trip.

Within 2½ hours, of course, you can not expect to get out into the outer archipelago of Stockholm and back. In the reviews of the tour I read the note of a guest that the boat turned around near Skeviksstrand, which belongs to Gustavsberg. But even there you already have real archipelago feeling.

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