Fuel prices in Sweden: petrol/gasoline and diesel

Circle K service station Sweden

See the following box for current Swedish fuel prices. The figures quoted there ae based on prices that users have reported from Sweden. This method of gathering data is not always reliable – so be prepared that actual prices can differ slightly. Alternatively, you can follow the links further down on this page for official current gas/petrol/diesel prices from Sweden.


Prices are in Swedish Krona (SEK). See our Currency Converter.

Swedish fuel types

The following picture shows what a typical Swedish petrol pump looks like. Here you can see the most common fuel types in Sweden:

Fuel prices in Sweden

  • E85 – ethanol fuel blend
  • 95 Blyfri – normal unleaded petrol
  • 98 Blyfri – super unleaded petrol
  • Diesel – diesel

Official fuel prices from the Swedish service station chains

If you are looking for official prices from the Swedish service station chains, you can follow these links:

  • ingo (used to be Jet) – on this site you can even find historical prices
  • OKQ8
  • Preem
  • St1
  • Statoil – Has changed name to Circle K starting May 2016. All in all 490 Swedish service stations will be rebranded. The process will take over two years.
  • Tanka – they state prices for customers with and without Swedish Volvo loyalty card
  • Shell – Shell does no longer communicate fuel prices on its website
  • Gulf – yes, the old brand is back, with approx. 70 service station all over Sweden; Gulf does not communicate fuel prices on its website

Some chains have two prices, specifically for “bemannade stationer” (they cost more) and for “obemannade stationer” and “automatstationer” (they cost less). The former are service stations with staff and checkout, the latter are unmanned service stations – here you can only buy fuels with your credit card and usually also with your Maestro/EC card (you will need your PIN for that).

Swedish fuel price comparisons

Normally you can get the best fuel prices on the west coast north of Gothenburg – because of the proximity to the major refineries. More detailed price comparisons are available from the Swedish websites www.bensinpriser.nu and www.bensinpriser.se.

Gas/petrol prices in Northern Europe


Diesel prices in Northern Europe


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