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Not just two, but four: Market halls in Gothenburg

Did you know that Gothenburg actually has four market halls? Here they come: Feskekörka, Saluhallen Market Hall, Market Hall Briggen, and the Kville Market Hall.


The oldest one is the Fish Market Hall Feskekörka, built in 1874 (see picture above). Feskekörka means Fish Church since the building resembles a church. It offers top quality fish and shellfish along with some restaurants. Here you can also buy yourself fresh prawns and enjoy them by the edge of the canal. – The market hall is currently undergoing a major renovation. Reopening in 2023 or 2024.

Saluhallen Market Hall

The Market Hall at Kungstorget (in the city centre) has been running since 1889. In Swedish the market hall is called Saluhallen. A few years ago the market hall was completely renovated. It is the city’s biggest indoor market and is home to some 40 shops and places to eat. Here you’ll find meat, cheese, bread, fruit and lots of delicacies.

Market Hall Briggen

There are also two smaller market halls in Gothenburg. The Market Hall Briggen in Linnéstaden was opened in 1991 in the former main fire station from 1891. The market hall houses ten shops and lunch restaurants.

Kville Market Hall

The newest market hall is Kville Market Hall on the north side of the river at Vågmästarplatsen. It was inaugurated in 2013 and has five cafés and restaurants, and here you can buy meat, cheese, fruit, flowers and delicacies.

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Gothenburg Saluhallen market hall

The Saluhallen market hall

Gothenburg Saluhallen market hall

The Saluhallen market hall

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Source: This post is partially based on an article by VisitSweden US

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