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KRISS Sweden (photo: KRISS)

Sweden’s success in music (Abba and Roxette), design (glass and textile art) and furniture (IKEA) has brought the country a lot of international attention. Now it is Swedish fashion that is conquering the world. Here in Sweden we like to speak of the Swedish fashion miracle (“modeundret” or “modemiraklet”), which began with the jeans of the two companies Acne and Nudie.

What makes Swedish fashion?

Is there something that is typical of Swedish fashion, a common denominator? Perhaps. Quality, accuracy, fit and a simplicity that can border on minimalism are often named. Many companies, like H&M, are widely popular with their collections, but have nevertheless kept their “Nordic coolness”.

  List of 60 Swedish fashion labels, designers and brands, with links to their websites

The following list was updated in January 2016. We also checked all the links. If you miss a brand here, please get in touch with us.

A – L

Acne Studios

Acne Studios (formerly Acne Jeans) come from Stockholm and have women’s as well as men’s collections. They are hip, cool and a little bit snobbish. www.acnestudios.com


ALTEWAISAOME was founded by Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome in Malmö in 2009. The two young creators/designers had at that time spent several years in Italy studying and working. During that period the idea to start a fashion brand arose. The fashion duo decided that they were ready to give it all and moved back to Sweden to build ALTEWAISAOME. www.altewaisaome.com

Ann-Sofie Back

From Stockholm and London, www.annsofieback.com.


From Stockholm. Visit www.blank.info

Björn Borg

Today, Björn Borg is associated with being sporty, creative and innovative. The Swedish fashion label produces mainly underwear. www.bjornborg.com


Boob’s patented nursing collection has become a favourite among mothers all over the world. Today Boob makes clothes for all stages of motherhood, with smart double function for pregnancy and nursing. www.boobdesign.com


Boomerang, from Stockholm, produces colourful and natural basics for the whole family, including children. It was founded in 1976. www.boomerangstore.com


Originally from Stockholm, Burfitt is now located in Paris. Lovisa Burfitt is also the champion of “limited edition illustrated t-shirts”. (She doesn’t seem to have a website.)

Camilla Norrback

From Stockholm, she enjoys working with “ecological or environment-certified natural materials”. Visit www.norrback.se.

Carin Wester

Carin Wester designs classic and casual fashion. She uses playful substances in very subtle colours, as well as black, white and, grey. www.carinwester.com

Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday is from Stockholm. The brand is known for reasonably priced jeans and now also does complete collections. www.cheapmonday.com


COS is a fashion brand for women and men who want modern, functional, considered design. COS is a brand under the H&M Group. www.cosstores.com


Craft is a Swedish brand specializing in functional clothing for endurance sports where performance and comfort are crucial for a good result. Craft works closely with elite athletes. www.craftsportswear.com


Three sisters from Stockholm, www.houseofdagmar.se

Diana Orving

From Stockholm, www.dianaorving.com


Julius and Hanna Didrikson started making workwear for the fishermen in Grundsund, on the rim of Sweden’s western coastline, back in 1913. Today Didrikson is the leading brand of functional, rain- and weatherproof garments in Scandinavia. www.didriksons.com


DRKN is a street fashion brand out of Stockholm that launched in May 2015. Their mission is to promote digital culture by way of clothing and style inspired by games, hacking, electronic music, digital art, and science fiction. www.drkn.com

Dughult of Sweden

Creates “superior quality clothing with the finest feel and a timeless, contemporary classic style. And only dresses, skirts, jackets and coats.” www.dughult.se

Filippa K

Filippa K combines continental flavour with Scandinavian-style purity. The designer is Filippa Knutsson. www.filippa-k.com


Fjällräven became successful with backpacks, tents and sleeping bags, and is now one of the largest Swedish labels for functional clothing. www.fjallraven.se

Gudrun Sjödén

From Stockholm. Successful in many countries, especially Germany, Switzerland and Austria. All the textiles are made from natural materials. Website: www.gudrunsjoden.com/global


Northern Europe’s largest manufacturer of outdoor products. Their range includes backpacks, sleeping bags, functional clothing and shoes. www.haglofs.com

Helena Hörstedt

From Stockholm. Her store is open by appointment only. Website: www.helenahorstedt.com


From Stockholm. The chief designer comes from Peak Performance.
Website: www.hope-sthlm.com.


From Stockholm, for women between 20 and 30. Visit www.hunkydory.se

Ida Sjöstedt

From Stockholm. For “beautiful, sexy clothes for women who do not take dressing up too seriously”. Website: www.idasjostedt.com.

ISBJÖRN of Sweden (for babies, kids and juniors)

The brand was founded in 2005 by Maria Frykman Forsberg and Camilla Schmidt. The business idea was born when they had their first babies, not finding proper outdoor gear for their little ones. The ISBJÖRN of Sweden collection covers the age from 0-14 years, offering all necessary layers kids will need for being active outdoors, at day care center or in the spare time with the family. www.isbjornofsweden.com

J. Lindeberg

J. Lindeberg is for the rich and beautiful Stockholmer, who likes to play golf. The label was founded in 1995. www.jlindeberg.com


Considered as classic, exclusive, wearable and feminine (see the KRISS photo on top of this page). The collections are designed in the countryside near Uppsala. www.kriss.eu


Men’s fashion from Stockholm, favoured by dandies and successful young people. Clever, practical and multifunctional. www.ljung.net

M – Z

Maria Nordström

The brand Maria Nordström launched in 2009. Her work is lined with a consistent and uncompromising ambition to reach the perfect balance between shape, contrast, craft and bright new ideas. http://marianordstrom.com

Martin Bergström

Website: www.martinbergstrom.com

Mini Market (including shoes)

Began as a pure clothing label, but today also makes shoes. The designers and founders are three sisters from Stockholm. www.minimarket.se


Avant-garde, but wearable – that is what people say about Nakkna. The label comes from Stockholm. www.nakkna.com

Nathalie Schuterman

High-end fashion from Stockholm for the rich and famous, particularly people in fashionable Stureplan square who like to wear her designs. Visit www.nathalieschuterman.com


High-end men´s fashion. www.nikolajdetoiles.com

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans come from Gothenburg. Nudie is influenced by the indie and sub-culture of the western Swedish city. www.nudiejeans.com

Odd Molly

Odd Molly really is a little “odd”: it is wayward, beautiful, humane, warm and playful. The designers at Odd Molly like to go their own way in fashion. www.oddmolly.com

Oscar Jacobson

A 110-year-old menswear brand, which includes golf apparel. www.oscarjacobson.com

Peak Performance

Peak Performance

Peak Performance store in Gothenburg

Peak performance comes from Åre in Jämtland (where FIS alpine ski world-cup races are held almost every year). The brand is known for producing high-quality functional clothing. www.peakperformance.com

Pelle P

Functional clothing for sailing and skiing. www.pellepetterson.se


Reschia is a Stockholm-based designer shoe label that focuses on creating shoes with strong signature shapes that feature an eclectic use of materials and superior craftsmanship. www.reschia.com


Produces not only underwear, but also chic, casual fashion. Founded in 1935 as “Resteröds Trikåfabrik”. www.resterods.com

Rickard Lindqvist

From Borås and Gothenburg. Website: www.rickardlindqvist.com


Rodebjer produces “effortless elegance for all occasions”. The designer Carin Rodebjer lives and works in New York. www.rodebjer.com

Sandra Backlund

From Stockholm, www.sandrabacklund.com. Unusual, funny creations that are often made of wool. Looking at her website, it is doubtful that she is still in business.

Sätila of Sweden

Sätila of Sweden was founded in 1896 in the village of the same name deep in the Västergötland countryside. Since that day Sätila has designed, knitted and delivered hats, scarves and mittens worldwide. www.satila.com


Stylein is a Swedish fashion company, launched in 2001 by founder and Chief Designer Elin Alemdar, while combining working as a stylist with studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in New York City. http://stylein.com

SWEDISH ECO – Men’s premium organic cotton underwear

The brand was born in Gothenburg with the idea of offering premium organic underwear. Swedish Eco products are made from certified organic cotton which is durable, soft and good for your body. www.swedisheco.com

Tiger of Sweden

Originally from Uddevalla on the west coast, the brand started in 1903 and has been very successful worldwide since 1993. They also produce jeans. www.tigerofsweden.com

Twist & Tango

Produces fashionable everyday clothes, which are meant to be fun. The successful brand comes from Haga, the Old Town district of Gothenburg. www.twisttango.com

Uniforms for the Dedicated

“Refined menswear for the conscious man.” www.uniformsforthededicated.com

Vagabond Shoes

A highly successful shoe brand from Varberg, Sweden’s “shoe capital”. www.vagabond.com

Veronica Virta

Clothes that are feminine and classic with a touch of colour, both for business professionals and the everyday woman. Timeless elegance with a luxurious feeling and with an endless possibility of combinations. www.veronicavirta.com


Weekday is a progressive retail store concept offering jeans and creative fashion at an affordable price. http://shop.weekday.com


WeSC creates street fashion and street wear. The label comes from skateboard culture. www.wesc.com


Whyred, from Stockholm, combines clean lines, neat shapes and idiosyncratic details. The major orientation is modernist. www.whyred.com

Featured image: KRISS

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