The Semla – more than just a bun

The Semla – more than just a bun

In spring we celebrate Easter, but before Easter there is the “arrival” of the Semla, the traditional cream-filled, almond-flavored, cardamom-scented buns.

Fettisdagen – “Fat Tuesday”

Swedes have been gobbling up these sweet buns since the 16th century when they were served on Shrove Tuesday or “Fat Tuesday” (Fettisdagen in Swedish) as a last treat before the beginning of Lent.

Now you’ll find them at Swedish bakeries from late December until Easter – sometimes even earlier.

Nothing tastes better with a cup of Swedish coffee!

Other names for Fettisdagen

The Fettisdagen has many names in Sweden. The day is even called:

  • semmeldagen
  • semlans dag
  • fastlagstisdagen

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