The French video artist Julien Nonnon has brought with him a whole bunch of wild friends to Stockholm this weekend. With the exhibition SAFARI URBAIN STHLM, they literally shed some new light on the Swedish capital.

Street video-mapping

For his visit, the artist Julien Nonnon has prepared a series of portraits of animals with human features and urban street looks. This art form – street video-mapping – throws pictures and animations through light projections on to the walls of buildings and other concrete objects in the urban landscape. The short amount of time (usually about 30 minutes) for each installation creates a unique experience and interplay with the location where it takes place.

Ericsson Globe and Stockholm City Hall

People living in and visiting Stockholm could this weekend during a few hours see classic landmarks – including the Ericsson Globe (the largest spheric building on the planet) and the Stockholm City Hall – and other buildings in a completely new light as a number of gigantic figures showed up on the walls.

New perspectives, more fun!

”We want to bring new perspectives and highlight the interaction between city and creativity. Here we see a whole line-up of shining examples illuminating how moving images can step into the city, hit us with a amazement and make us reflect”, says Anette Mattsson, CEO Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen, which hosted the exhibition through its project Smart Creative City.

”This is also an initiative that invites everyone living or visiting Stockholm to take a walk and get revitalized by this bright vivid light in the dark November night, and to feel that they, despite the cold season, are in a city full of creative energy and warmth. We make Stockholm more fun!”, continues Anette Mattsson, CEO Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen.

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French video artist Julien Nonnon Stockholm exhibition SAFARI URBAIN STHLM

French video artist Julien Nonnon Stockholm exhibition SAFARI URBAIN STHLM

Source: Filmregion Stockholm–Mälardalen; photos: Jann Lipka, except City Hall: Julien Nonnon/Safari Urbain