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Open Swedish championships in food craftsmanship 2015

On October 6 a jury will evaluate all products in the Swedish open championships in food craftsmanship. The competition is organized by Eldrimner, the Swedish national centre for small-scale artisan food processing, and is open for entries from all over Scandinavia.

In Östersund, Jämtland

The championships in food craftsmanship will be organized for the 19th time this year. The event will take place in Östersund, Jämtland (not far from the well-known Åre ski resort) at the Quality Hotel & Resort Frösö Park.

Almost 450 entries

This year’s competition will involve 154 companies and almost 450 entries in the categories of dairy, bakery, fish processing, processed meats, and berries, fruit and vegetable processing.

Represented countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Åland, and Denmark.

Swedish food craftsmanship

Food craftsmanship creates unique, high-quality products with a taste, quality and identity that industry cannot develop. It is a gentle, small-scale processing of mainly local raw ingredients. This results in products without unnecessary additives, which can be traced back to its origin. The hallmark of artisan food is that the human hand is present throughout the production chain. Food craftsmanship develops and refines traditional products for the consumer of today.

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  Quality Hotel & Resort Frösö Park

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Quality Hotel & Resort Frösö Park

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Open Swedish championships in food craftsmanship

Open Swedish championships in food craftsmanship

Open Swedish championships in food craftsmanship

Source and images from championships: Eldrimner (our translation) – all images are from the championships in 2014

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