Harvest festival at Tjolöholm Castle, Kungsbacka, Halland

Here is a selection of major harvest festivals throughout Sweden. Please check the festival organizers’ websites for programs, opening hours, and exact locations.

1Öland’s Harvest Festival, September 24-27 (Ölands Skördefest)

The Öland Harvest Festival – Ölands Skördefest – has attracted many visitors from its first year in 1997 and has grown to become Sweden’s most popular harvest festival. The festival revives an ancient farmers’ tradition of celebrating Michaelmas, marking the end of the growing season, when the harvest was collected and the animals were taken inside for the winter. This was followed by a Michaelmas feast and Michaelmas markets, where the newly harvested products changed hands. The Öland Harvest Festival is based on this tradition and is a showcase for the island’s fine cuisine, innovative culinary products and rich culture.

The festival attracts particularly many visitors with motorhomes/RVs.

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2Apple Market in Kivik, Österlen (Skåne southeast), September 26-27

This huge two-day apple festival attracts many visitors every year, approximately 20,000 – 25,000. Kivik’s apple market is held every year during the last weekend of September, when blossom has turned to fruit, as a tribute to the Swedish apple.

Over the course of the two market days, local producers will lay out their delicacies along the food street in Kivik’s harbour. You can also try different apple juices and apple varieties to ensure you buy the tastiest ones to bring home with you.

On the opening day this year’s Apple artwork is presented, created by using 30.000 apple, this year by the Swedish artist Emma Karp Lundström.

At the market you can also visit Äpplets Hus (House of the Apple) by Kiviks Musteri (Kivik’s Cider Factory, or “Kivik´s Juicery”), where you can learn about fruit in general and apples in particular. You can also visit the apple factory of Äppelriket Österlen (the Österlen Apple Kingdom).

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3Harvest festival in the City Park, Lund, Skåne, September 26-27

An annual harvest festival with about 70 traders/vendors. You can take a trip with a horse drawn carriage, meet the pigs from Källunda farm, make your own apple cider and much more.

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4Mikaeli Market at Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens, Helsingborg, Skåne, September 27

The market attracts between 8,000 and 9,000 visitors. 150 traders and vendors, some from Denmark.

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5Harvest festival for the whole family at Tjolöholm Castle, Kungsbacka, Halland, October 3-4

South of Gothenburg you will find this harvest festival with market, competitions, and many acitivities for the whole family. Tjolöholm Castle (in Tudor style) lies by the sea and has amazing castle gardens and parkland. Absolutely worth a visit!

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Sources: VisitSweden, VisitSweden UK, and websites of the festival organizers; photo: Thomas Carlén/Tjolöholm Castle