Church boat rowing on Lake Siljan is an old and important Dalarna tradition. For centuries church boats have been a means of transportation on the lake. As the name suggests the boats have been used to get to and from church but also to get to and from school and other activities.

Church boat races on Lake Siljan

“Stora Siljansrodden”

In the beginning, there were often spontaneous races home from church. In 1936 the first organised rowing race with church boats was held in Leksand.

Since the 1970s, the “Stora Siljansrodden” race series has been organised with several races around Lake Siljan. The “Leksandsrodden” race is considered the most prestigious of the six race events.


The “Leksandsrodden” competition is almost three kilometres long, which is slightly longer than the other races. “Leksandsrodden” goes from Västanviks Camping to the Steamboat Quay in central Leksand.

Remaining races in the “Stora Siljansrodden” series 2016

  • Leksand July 2 at 12:45 at the Steamboat Quay
  • Orsa July 4 at 19:00 at Ångbåtsudden
  • Mora July 7 at 19:00 at Saxviken
  • Sollerön July 9 at 18:00 at the camping

Two races have been run in Siljansnäs and Rättvik.

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Source: Leksands Sparbank; photos: Alexander Winther