Rättvik by Lake Siljan, the birthplace of Swedish tourism

Rättvik's long pier

Rättvik is located on a bay of beautiful Lake Siljan in Dalarna. In the south Rättvik borders on Leksand, in the north on Mora. Nearly 5,000 residents live in the town of Rättvik, a total of 11,000 in the municipality (which also includes the villages Vikarbyn, Boda and Furudal). Thus Rättvik is about half the size of well-known Mora on the other side of Lake Siljan.

Hardly a place in Sweden can boast such a long history as a holiday resort as Rättvik. Behind the station Sweden’s first tourist hotel was inaugurated in 1894. In the following years the hotel was extended several times and equipped with every contemporary luxury: central heating, hot water supply, and electricity (light). Therefore, the hotel could accommodate guests all year round, not just in the warm summer months. Thus Rättvik also became the first ski resort in Sweden. Unfortunately the hotel was demolished in 1968.

Places to see

From the heyday of the hotel comes the long pier. It was created so that more travellers were able to get into the locality.

If you have more time available in Rättvik, you should definitely visit the beautifully situated Rättvik Church. Next to the church you will also find an impressive monument, the Vasa Monument. To the north and likewise on the shore of the Lake Siljan the pier Persborgs Brygga in Sjurberg is also well worth a visit.

You will find a beach right in the centre of Rättvik next to the long pier.


During the summer many events take place in Rättvik. Most famous are the concerts in the limestone quarry Dalhalla, the Classic Car Week, the market, and different festivals with folk music.


The closed limestone quarry in Rättvik is a large open-air stage today. The impressive concert stage has international standing. During the summer, Dalhalla is also open to the public. However, the terrain is now completely fenced in and can only be accessed with a guide.

Classic Car Week

The Classic Car Week is a happening for car enthusiasts. The event always takes place in week 31 (end of June/beginning of July) and is one of the highlights of the summer in the Siljan region.

The Classic Car Week is Sweden’s biggest car meet for the whole family. The event is primarily about classic cars and old American road cruisers, but there are also mopeds, boats and snow scooters on show.

One of the highlights of the Classic Car Week is the common cruising through Rättvik and the neighbouring villages. There is also a cruising for women only (“Classic Lady”), who drive their road cruisers in authentic clothes (50s skirts and petticoats) slowly through the area along the Siljan.

The market “Rättviks Marknad”

Twice a year, there is a market in Rättvik: on the first weekend in May and on the first weekend in October. 1,400 market stalls and 100,000 – 120,000 visitors make Rättvik’s market one of the largest and most frequented markets in Sweden.

Bingsjöstämman Folk Music Festival

People around the Siljan like making music. A violin can be found in almost every household. Since 1969 Sweden’s largest folk music festival, a so-called “spelmansstämma”, has been held in the village Bingsjö. In Rättvik during the summer you will also find small festivals or evenings with folk music from the Siljan.


A popular destination in the summer is the 725 m long toboggan run, which is built on Rättvik’s slalom slope. From the summit one also has a beautiful view of Rättvik. The lookout tower Vidablick south of Rättvik also offers excellent views.

Nittsjö ceramic, one of Sweden’s oldest craft enterprises, is also frequently visited by tourists in the summer.

If you want to go hiking, you will find many well-marked trails in the area. We particularly recommend a hiking excursion to the waterfall Styggforsen.

East of the centre there is a large recreation area (“friluftsområde”). Here you will find a golf course and training grounds for various kinds of sport.

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Pictures from Rättvik





Rättvik Church

Rättvik Church

Rättvik Church

Rättvik Church

Rättvik Church

Rättvik Church

Rättvik Church

Rättvik Church

Rättvik Church

The Vasa Monument (next to the church)

Rättvik Wasa Monument


Rättvik harbour

The long pier

Rättvik's long pier

The pier “Persborgs brygga” in Sjurberg


Rättvik Persborgs Brygga pier

At the hotel Stiftsgården

Rättvik Stiftsgården

Just beside the church and the Siljan is the fantastic Hotel Stiftsgården. After Taizé, it is the world’s second largest hostel for Christian retreats and youth camps. Sometimes up to 200 young people stay here. Besides that the Stiftsgården is also a normal hotel with all amenities: library, music room, sauna, boules pitch, beach volleyball, and a wonderful playroom for children. However, there is one limitation in the hotel: Alcohol is not allowed on the entire property and in the rooms. Moreover, there are fixed meal times. The Stiftsgården has a pleasant and very friendly atmosphere. We felt no rush, no stress. Our stay at Stiftsgården was very relaxing.

The lookout tower Vidablick

In recent years the tower has mostly been closed. However, there is a viewing platform next to it where you can also enjoy beautiful views.

Rättvik Vidablick lookout tower

The waterfall Styggforsen

Rättvik Styggforsen

At Boda Church

Rättvik Boda Church

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