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Day trip from Gothenburg: Perfect summer day at the seaside – in Gottskär, Halland

We seem to have skipped spring here in Sweden this year. Two weeks ago we woke up one day and everything outside was covered in snow. Just a few days later we’re running around in shorts, with no shirts on – it’s almost 25° C. Some daring young people have already gone for their first swims of the season. This feels like summer although strictly speaking it’s still spring.

Yesterday, we went on a day trip from Gothenburg to the south. We visited the little village of Gottskär on the Onsala peninsula. The village used to be a fishing village but nowadays it has developed into a small seaside resort with a hotel, a restaurant and a few cafés and ice cream stands.

Gottskär belongs to the municipality of Kungsbacka, which in turn is part of the region of Halland. By car it takes about 45 minutes from Gothenburg to Gottskär (map).

We enjoyed a perfect summer day at the seaside.

  Hotels in Kungsbacka

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As you can see, there is even a hotel in Gottskär. We recommend it.










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