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Dalarna as a winter destination

Säfsen Resorts, Orsa Grönklitt, Sälenfjällen, and Idre

Dalarna in central Sweden offers unique snow adventures with endless white landscapes and Swedish red houses: The beauty of the Swedish winter hits you immediately. Dalarna is closer than you think. And you can also enjoy skiing. Here we present some of the winter destinations in this charming holiday region.

In Dalarna you will find the popular winter sports destinations Säfsen Resorts, Orsa Grönklitt, Sälenfjällen, and Idre (from the south to the north). Their slopes are covered with a thick layer of snow from November to late March. You can go downhill skiing, cross country skiing, or skating.

Säfsen Resort

If you are travelling with kids, then Säfsen Resort (see featured image above) is a really good choice. It is located in southern Dalarna in Fredriksberg, just north of Filipstad and the border to Värmland. This small ski area has good runs for children and beginners, but also offers a lot of other unique Swedish winter activities. Your Swedish cottage or cabin is quietly tucked away in the woods. There is a park where children can meet and build snowmen with new friends.

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Orsa Grönklitt

Orsa is part of the picturesque Lake Siljan region. From your typical Swedish cottage in Orsa Grönklitt you can walk to the ski lifts. Uncrowded slopes with wide runs are ideal for beginners and families. Orsa is also a very suitable destination for skating. If you don’t feel like skiing, you can always visit the Orsa Predator Park.

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Are you an avid skier and go for the real thing? Then Sälenfjällen is the winter destination for you. This destination is also attractive because of the huge variety of indoor and outdoor activities. If you do not want to spend a whole day on skis, you can go ice fishing, relax in a spa, or go out on a snowmobile. There are basically three different areas in Sälenfjällen: Kläppen, Stöten, and Skistar Sälen.

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Cottages in Idre Fjäll, photo Nisse Schmidt

Idre is surrounded by amazing nature and consists of five ski areas:

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Cottages in Idre Fjäll, photo Nisse Schmidt

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Source: This post is partially based on an article by VisitSweden NL. Featured image by Säfsen Alpin, Richard Ström. Holiday home photos by Nisse Schmidt, Idre Fjäll.

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