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Sweden from above – Two beautiful drone films with stunning landscapes

Both drone films on this page are from this summer, which was a very dry and warm summer here in Sweden. You can see this in the pictures from Dalsland and Värmland in the video above – the little island in the lake has an unusually wide beach all around it (at 1:01 in the video).

Both YouTube films are truly impressive and show the outstanding natural beauty of Sweden during the summer. The first film is by Nathanael Sommer-Koch (on YouTube: Nate Summer-Cook) from Switzerland and the second film by Jonathan Steinhoff from Germany.

New rules and regulations

Unfortunately, rules and regulations are changing in Sweden. Drone filming has been put on a level with video surveillance. Now you need several permissions for drone filming and selling footage and photos – from authorities such as Transportstyrelsen, Lantmäteriet, and the respective Länsstyrelsen in the county (“län”) which you are filming in. Aerial photography in national parks is not allowed at all.

So if you plan to film with your drone in Sweden in 2017, be sure to check any changes to rules and regulations – especially if you want to sell your material or publish it on YouTube or Vimeo. For more and updated info see links below.

More info on drone filming in Sweden

Map with restricted areas in Sweden:

Rules and regulations: (in Swedish)

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