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This video takes you to the top and bottom of Lapland

A visit to Swedish Lapland: Nikkaluokta, Kebnekaise, Kiruna, and Stora Sjöfallet

In this video Martin visits four top sights in Lapland, Sweden’s northernmost province:

The road ends in Nikkaluokta, but it’s also the start of a camping adventure of epic proportions.

Starting from Kebnekaise mountain lodge, Martin sets off with a guide to conquer Sweden’s highest mountain. They have picked a fantastic day with truly magnificent views. The video was shot in early August last year.

Martin’s visit to Swedish Lapland ends with a trip down the LKAB Kiruna mine, 500 metres below ground. Here you get to know why the whole city of Kiruna has to move (see even video below).

During his visit Martin stays at the campsite at Stora Sjöfallet mountain resort. It is located in the Stora Sjöfallet National Park, which is part of Laponia, one of Sweden’s 15 World Heritage Sites.

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About this video

This camping and travel video has been produced by the Swedish Camping Association SCR. The video is in Swedish with English subtitles. Enjoy fantastic pictures of Sweden and Martin’s great cookery.

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