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Pippi Longstocking illustrations at the Gothenburg Museum of Art

The exhibition “Ingrid Vang Nyman – Much more than Pippi Longstocking” was opened at the Gothenburg Museum of Art in mid-October. The exhibition can be seen until February 21, 2021. The native Dane Ingrid Vang Nyman (1916 – 1959) was a children’s book illustrator. Her drawings for Astrid Lindgren’s “Pippi Longstocking” novels became her breakthrough.

The books were a revolution not only contentwise but also optically: Until then, children in books had always been clean, neatly dressed and smiling. Nyman, on the other hand, painted grimaces, holes in pants, dirt stains and clutter.

The strong colours were also unusual.

And although fans of Astrid Lindgren’s books are familiar with the colourful images, the artist behind the cult motifs is largely unknown.

The Museum of Art in Gothenburg closes the knowledge gaps with an exhibition that presents Nyman’s work and places it in a contemporary context.

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Source: VisitSweden DE; photo: Vejen Kunstmuseum

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