Free road ferries

Free road ferries in Sweden

In Sweden there is a network of 40 free road ferries. These car ferries are run by Trafikverket’s ferry company. Almost all of the ferries are yellow. The ferries are free because they enable people who live far from town to come to their workplaces. (Meanwhile, two ferries have introduced tickets, see details below.)

40 car ferries within Sweden

All 40 ferries can be found on a single website (see link below). There is an overview by region (“län”), and you will also find maps and timetables. Current transport disruptions are also listed here.

Interesting for tourists as well

Bolmsöleden road ferry in Småland

The Bolmsöleden road ferry on Lake Bolmen in Småland

Many of the road ferries operate in beautiful landscape and are therefore highly recommended for tourists.

Two striking examples are the short connections between Hamburgsund and Hamburgö in Bohuslän (this ferry is called “Hamburgsundsleden”) and between Sunnaryd and Ljungby in Småland (“Bolmsöleden”, see our picture on this page).

We also recommend the free ferry rides in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg. The scenery is particularly beautiful there.

More info

Maps, timetables and latest traffic information can be found on the website of Trafikverket’s ferry company.

Free road ferries in Sweden

In the northern archipelago of Gothenburg

All 40 Swedish road ferries, from north to south

Norrbottens län
  • Röduppleden
  • Bohedenleden
  • Avanleden
Västerbottens län
  • Holmöleden
Jämtlands län
  • Håkanstaleden
  • Isöleden
  • Ammeröleden
Västernorrlands län
  • Hemsöleden
Värmlands län
  • Högsäterleden
Uppsala län
  • Gräsöleden
  • Stockholms län
  • Furusundsleden
  • Bildöleden
  • Ljusteröleden
  • Vaxholmsleden
  • Oxdjupsleden
  • Adelsöleden
  • Ekeröleden (Note: Though this ferry is run by Trafikverket it is not for free – you need a ticket that you can get from a ticket machine in the harbour, read more here)
  • Skanssundsleden
  • Tynningöleden
Södermanlands län
  • Arnöleden
Östergötlands län
  • Skenäsleden
  • Stegeborgsleden
Örebro län
  • Vinöleden
Jönköpings län
  • Bolmsöleden
  • Visingsöleden (Note: This ferry is not for free – you can get your ticket from the harbour office or onboard, read more here)
Västra Götalands län
  • Sund Jarenleden
  • Hamburgsundsleden
  • Bohus Malmönleden
  • Gullmarsleden
  • Ängöleden
  • Malöleden
  • Lyrleden
  • Svanesundsleden
  • Kornhallsleden
  • Nordöleden
  • Björköleden
  • Hönöleden
Gotlands län
  • Fårösundsleden
Blekinge län
  • Aspöleden
Skåne län
  • Ivöleden
Free road ferries in Sweden

Free road ferries in Sweden: screenshot from Trafikverket’s website