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Christmas smorgasbord at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm

The Grand Hôtel’s wonderful Christmas smorgasbord is a much appreciated tradition. For the entire month of December the Veranda restaurant will be serving a sumptuous Christmas smorgasbord complete with all the dishes that belong to a real Swedish Christmas.

Every year the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm serves a festive Christmas smorgasbord complete with yuletide classics prepared in the Veranda’s fantastic kitchen. The Christmas ham takes its rightful place on the table, which is packed with other seasonal delicacies such as spare ribs, herring salad, beetroot salad, pig’s feet, pork brawn, toffee, Christmas confections, and of course the Grand Hôtel’s very own snaps, Grand Aquavit 1874.

The Christmas smorgasbord (also called “julbord”) will be served at the Veranda from November 27 to December 26. On Christmas Eve and Christmas day, the Veranda will be offering three seatings: 12-noon, 3.30pm and 7.30pm. The Christmas smorgasbord can also be enjoyed in the Winter Garden in conjunction with the Grand Hôtel’s Christmas show.

“In Sweden we have a number of deeply-rooted traditions, of which the Christmas smorgasbord is one. Our Christmas smorgasbord is something we are particularly proud of – all cooked with genuine craftsmanship and great finesse, which is much appreciated by our guests,” says Pia Djupmark, CEO, Grand Hôtel.

  About the Grand Hôtel

With its beautiful interiors and superb waterfront location at the very heart of Stockholm, the Grand Hôtel has been home to international celebrities, prestigious events and discerning bon-vivants since 1874. The hotel houses the stylish Cadier Bar, Mathias Dahlgren’s Michelin-starred restaurants and the classic Veranda, all offering spectacular views of the Royal Palace and world-class food and drink. The Grand Hôtel also boasts relaxing saunas, steam baths, and refreshing plunge pools at Nordic Spa & Fitness.

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Christmas smorgasbord at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm

Source and photos: Grand Hôtel, Stockholm

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