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Swedish-Irish footballer Kevin Walker: Christmas Nights

An Irish-Swedish Christmas music video

The “Christmas Nights” video was released just two days ago. The artist is Swedish first-league footballer Kevin Walker. Kevin won the Swedish version of the Pop Idol contest in 2013. He is of Irish decent but was born in Örebro, Sweden. Though Kevin has played for Sweden internationally in the U-19, he could also choose to play for Ireland.

Unfortunately we don’t know where exactly in Sweden the wintry rural scenes in the video were shot. Anyway, we think they are very beautiful (they start at 1:36).

More info about Kevin Walker

If you want to learn more about Kevin Walker, you can read an excellent article on BBC Sport about him.

Christmas in Sweden

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Encore: Kevin Walker’s audition

If you want to see more of Kevin, here is the video from the audition in 2013 when it all started for him. He came, he saw, he conquered.

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