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What you shouldn’t do when you visit Sweden

This video by Mark Wolters “does not cover the things you SHOULD do in Sweden. This video covers what you shouldn’t do when you visit Sweden as a traveler, tourist, or vacationer. The DON’Ts of Visiting Sweden.”

We have already shown you two other videos by Mark Wolters – see our links at the end of this post. Mark has excellent knowledge of the Nordic countries, probably because he spent some time in Helsinki, Finland as a teacher and professor (originally Mark is from the University of Illinois).

We will guide you through Mark’s video step by step:

Here are Mark’s “Dont’s of Sweden”

  • (at 0:13 in the video) Don’t ignore the line culture, don’t skip the line.
  • (0:36) Don’t wear your shoes in someone’s house.
  • (1:05) Don’t think you will get into a club just because you are in line. Usually there will be “face control”. You need to dress up, especially in Stockholm.
  • (1:49) Don’t worry too much about your safety. Sweden is very safe.
  • (2:24) Don’t forget to bring a credit card with a PIN number. Cash is not always taken in Sweden. (Update October 2019: Hotels, restaurants and cafés don’t usually accept cash any longer. /Walther)
  • (2:35) Don’t bring Euros, Sweden uses Swedish Crowns/Krona. (Note: The banknotes shown at 2:45 are no longer valid. /Walther)
  • (2:50) Don’t expect a cheap vacation in Sweden – it is pricey. (We would like to add: Prices are lower outside of Stockholm. /Walther)
  • (3:24) Don’t expect the traditional Swedish food to wow you. Just check: How many Swedish restaurants are there in your home town?
  • (4:15) Don’t worry if you don’t speak Swedish. Everybody speaks English.
  • (5:08) Don’t worry about the Swedish silence – on subways, buses, trams. The Swedes are reserved and quiet.
  • (5:39) Don’t let a Swede trick you into eating surströmming, the stinkiest fish in the world.
  • (6:12) Don’t gawk at the really pretty Swedish people.
  • (6:35) Two more Dont’s about the Swedish Fish candy available in the US and about IKEA.

The video was shot in the archipelago of Stockholm – in front of the restaurant on Fjäderholmarna, “Fjäderholmarnas Krog”.

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