Sightseeing tours and guided walks in Stockholm

Stockholm Sightseeing by bus

If you don’t want to explore Stockholm on your own, you can choose from a variety of commercial sightseeing offerings. Since Stockholm is built on 14 islands and has 57 bridges, boat trips are an obvious choice. Moreover, you can get to know Stockholm on guided city tours on foot or by bike. If you like it more comfortable, you can choose a tour by bus. Looking for more adventurous tours? Well, there are walks on the roofs of the city or rides with a hot-air balloon or an amphibious bus.

Here is a comprehensive overview (updated November 2019):

Stockholm sightseeing by boat

If you want to take a boat, you can go on round trips but also on hop-on hop-off tours. Some providers:

  • Strömma: – Some of the tours offered:
    • Royal Haga – A part of the National City Park
    • Historical Canal Tour – Learn about the history of Stockholm
    • Under the Bridges of Stockholm – The classic boat tour
    • Royal Canal Tour – See beautiful Stockholm by boat
    • Archipelago Tour with guide – A cruise through the archipelago
    • Hop On – Hop Off Boat – Sightseeing at your own pace
    • ABBA The Museum/Boat Tour – A boat tour in ABBA’s footprints
  • Red Sightseeing: – From the website: “Cruise between the islands on a hop-on hop-off sightseeing cruise! Use a 24 hour ticket to travel to top Stockholm attractions such as the Vasamuseum, Old Town, Royal Palace and downtown area with shopping and restaurants. Simply hop on and off as many times as you like at any of the stops along the route.”

Stockholm sightseeing by bus

There are round trips and hop-on hop-off tours. Some providers:

  • Strömma: – Some of the tours offered:
    • Open Top Tours – Hop-On Hop-Off sightseeing by bus
    • Stockholm Panorama – Luxury sightseeing tour by bus
    • City Sightseeing Worldwide – Hop-On Hop-Off Stockholm
  • Red Sightseeing (Stockholm Red Buses): – From the website: “You can ride around the city and see the sights explained in your language. You receive earphones first time you use your ticket. You can get off whenever you like to dine, shop or explore, then hop back on to keep going to any of our 21 convenient stops around the city which includes the cruise terminal at Stadsgården and Frihamnen.The travel pass gives you 24 hours of fun and allowing you to make your own itinerary and getting the most out of your Hop-on Hop-Off experience.”

Stockholm sightseeing by bike

  • Baja Bikes: – Want to discover the Swedish capital in a fun and eco-friendly way? Do a bike tour with Baja Bikes and feel like a local while cycling through the streets of Stockholm.
  • Stockholm Adventures: – Stockholm bike tours, guided by experts
  • City Bikes: – Only bicycles, no guided tours. From the website: “Enjoy Stockholm, hire a bike. With City Bikes you can take a ride through the city from April to October. We have season cards if you are a frequent visitor, or 3-day card if you are on a short visit.”
  • Stockholm Cykel: – Guided bicycle tours, 2 – 3 hours, easy pace and small groups.

Stockholm sightseeing on foot (guided city walks)

There are general-interest walks to the main sights in the Old Town and other parts of central Stockholm as well as walks with specific topics. Among the latter you find the popular Millennium and ABBA walks. Unfortunately, some tours are private and are only sold to tour operators and groups. We recommend that you inquire at the Stockholm Tourist Information about available tours. Some city walks:

Audio guides: Self-guided city walks or bike tours

You can get your own private guide, on your own mobile phone or mp3-player:

More adventurous sightseeing deals

If you want to add a little excitement and thrill to your sightseeing, you can explore Stockholm from above, from various boats or on an electric bike. Here are some providers:


  • Time Travel Tours: – Time Travel Tours arranges historical guided tours to the viking-age (AD 750-1100) aristocratic farm of Granby and to the Merovinger/Dark Age (AD 500-750) burial mounds of Vada. Both sights are situated near Stockholm, 40 minutes – 1 hour with public transport.

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Stockholm sightseeing

Stockholm sightseeing

Stockholm sightseeing by boat

Stockholm sightseeing

Stockholm Ocean Bus

Trikke electrical bike by Hertz

Trikke electric bike

Stockholm sightseeing

Strömma’s tour “Under the bridges”

Photos of Red Buses/Boats: Stockholm Info AB; photo of Trikke bike: Hertz Sweden