Östermalmshallen, Östermalm’s Market Hall

Östermalmshallen, Östermalms Market Hall

If you feel or want to feel really hungry, you should visit the Östermalmshallen. It is a “saluhall”, or market hall. The building in which it is housed is also worth a visit.

Östermalmshallen is not far from the Dramaten Theatre and the Stureplan square. It is considered one of the ten best market halls or food halls in the world.

You will find Östermalmshallen on Nybrogatan, directly at Östermalmstorg. There is also an underground station here.

Östermalms saluhall

In the “Östermalms saluhall”, as the market hall is officially called, you can find everything your heart and stomach desires. Besides fruit, vegetables, meat, sausages, game, cheese, coffee, tea and foreign specialities, you will find all kinds of fresh, smoked and pickled fish. There are 17 traders here and several restaurants.

The market hall also has seating areas where you can eat some of the delicacies on offer. The atmosphere feels fancier, similar to fine dining, unlike typical market halls. This creates a more upscale experience for visitors.

“Tradition, quality and personal service since 1888”

Östermalmshallen is also interesting from the outside. Red bricks characterise the building’s façade. The building dates back to 1888 and is a listed building.


The market hall was closed in 2016 for a longer period of time. Sales continued in a market hall pavilion on Östermalmstorg while the hall was completely emptied and gutted. Afterwards, the entire technology was renewed. The very elaborate renovation dragged on. It took a total of four years. In March 2020, the market hall was finally able to open its doors again.

I visited the renovated market hall in August 2022 and found my way around right away. My pictures on this page are from that visit and show the “new” market hall. For comparison, you can see two pictures of the “old” market hall further down the page.

By the way, the construction activity has now shifted to Östermalmstorg. The square is directly in front of the market hall. The underground station below is being renovated.

Two tips for saving money

If the market hall exceeds your budget, you can find a Lidl grocery store conveniently located across the street.

In addition, opposite the main entrance of the market hall you will find the very reasonably priced café of the Hedvig Eleonora Church. The church café is open from mid-May to the end of August, except on Saturdays. The café has been around since 1669 (!).

Three market halls in Stockholm

Stockholm has a total of three major market halls:

  • Östermalmshallen
  • Hötorgshallen
  • Södermalms saluhall (Söderhallarna) at Medborgarplatsen

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Östermalmshallen, Östermalms Market Hall

Östermalmshallen, Östermalms Market Hall

Östermalmshallen, Östermalms Market Hall

Östermalmshallen, Östermalms Market Hall

Two pictures from the “old” Östermalmshallen

The two pictures below are from the time before the renovation. Visually, the renovation has not changed much, as you can see.

Östermalmshallen, Östermalms Market Hall

Östermalmshallen, Östermalms Market Hall

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