Järnpojke, the “Iron Boy”: Stockholm’s smallest statue

Järnpojke, The Iron Boy, Stockholm

In the backyard of the Finnish Church in Gamla Stan (Old Town) one finds Stockholm’s smallest statue. The sculpture is only 15 cm high. The sculpture of the Swedish artist Liss Eriksson (1919 – 2000) is actually named “Little boy looking at the moon”. However, it is usually just called “Järnpojke”, the “Iron Boy”.

On Slottsbacken

The Finnish Church is located on Slottsbacken, i.e. very close to the Royal Palace and the Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan). The Iron Boy has stood here since 1967. The sculpture is visited by countless tourists every day.

A popular lucky charms

The sculpture is said to bring good luck to anyone who caresses the boy’s head or offers a small gift to him. Both are done frequently as you can see. The head is completely polished from all loving hands.

Some Stockholmers also say that one should caress the boy so that one will come back to Stockholm.

A little different every day

The boy gets witty gifts every day: sometimes cheese, sometimes Sushi, sometimes coins, and sometimes fruit. Every day there is something new, every day the sculpture looks a little different.

When we were there it rained. Someone had wrapped the little boy in a protective plastic skin and slipped him a flower.

Who clears the offerings away at night and ensures that the fun can start all over again in the morning?


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Järnpojke, The Iron Boy, Stockholm

Järnpojke, The Iron Boy, Stockholm

Järnpojke, The Iron Boy, Stockholm

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