Drottningholm Palace, a royal World Heritage site

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. It is the most well-preserved royal palace built in the 1600s in Sweden. At the same time it is representative of all European architecture for the period. The palace is the present Royal Family’s permanent residence. The rooms in the southern wing of the palace are reserved for this purpose. The rest of the palace and grounds are open to the public all year round.

Drottningholm Palace is situated about 15 km west of central Stockholm. It takes about 30 minutes by car to get there from the city centre. For details see map on Google Maps.

Drottningholm boat trips

However, if you want to make the excursion to Drottningholm Palace a real experience, you should take a boat from central Stockholm to Drottningholm. Two historic ships sail the route on beautiful Lake Mälaren, the S/S Drottningholm and the M/S Prins Carl Philip. The tour takes 55 minutes one way.

A living piece of Swedish history

At Drottningholm, you will find a palace church, a palace theatre (used for opera) and a Chinese Pavillion. Surrounding the palace there are two gardens of different styles: a Baroque garden and an English garden.

Drottningholm is not just a static monument; it’s a dynamic representation of Sweden’s rich cultural heritage. You can walk through the same halls that kings and queens once strolled, each room echoing with tales of grandeur and historical events.


The Christmas market at Drottningholm Palace is one of Stockholm’s most popular. It takes place on two consecutive days in early December. In the royal atmosphere of the palace courtyard, handicrafts of all kinds as well as culinary delicacies from marzipan to smoked fish and game are on offer. You can also get guided tours of the palace.

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Drottningholm Palace

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Source: Kungl. Hovstaterna, VisitSweden DE. Featured image: Gomer Swahn, Kungl. Hovstaterna. Photo of gardens: Raphael Stecksén, Kungl. Hovstaterna.