Kalmar, a popular summer holiday spot

Kalmar in Småland

The coastal city of Kalmar is situated in the southeast of Småland. With a population of 41,000, it is the third largest city in Småland after Jönköping and Växjö. Kalmar is a very popular holiday spot during the summer.

At the beginning of the 13th century, Kalmar was an established city already. At the time, the border to Denmark ran south of the city. Up until 1658, Kalmar Castle, which was originally built to protect against pirates, served an important role in the defence of the border to Denmark. Today, the castle is somewhat symbolic of the city and one of the most important sights in Sweden.

Popular holiday destination with a vast range of tourism offers

If you come to Kalmar in summer, you will encounter a lively yet relaxed city. The variety of offers for visitors is vast: swimming, sandy beaches, shopping, galleries, events, concerts, parks and lots of small shops, restaurants, pubs and cafés. Try the almond crescents at Holmgrens Konditori (Kaggensgatan 5) for example. They’ve been around since 1885, selling pastries that we haven’t seen anywhere else in Sweden.

Kalmar City Festival and free music concerts

The City Festival at the beginning of August attracts around 100,000 visitors each year. Unlike other cities in Sweden, Kalmar celebrates a real city festival that focuses on music, shows, food and drink. For more information on the Kalmar City Festival and the current programme visit www.kalmarstadsfest.se.

Moreover, there are free music concerts of well-known Swedish pop artists in the summer (mid June to mid August) that take place on the “Larmtorget”, a central square in Kalmar.


The centre of Kalmar has cobblestoned pedestrian zones. Here you find small shops, street-side cafés and markets (www.kalmarcity.com).

The shopping centres “Giraffen” (30 shops) and “Hansa City” (25 shops including IKEA) are located outside of the town centre.


Sweden’s second largest island and smallest historical province (“landskap”), Öland is located on the other side of the Kalmarsund. With the completion of a bridge in 1972, Öland has been made readily accessible from the mainland (Småland).

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Kalmar in Småland

Kalmar in Småland

Kalmar in Småland

Kalmar in Småland

Kalmar in Småland

On the bridge to Öland

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