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Öster Malma Hotel is Sörmland’s candidate for Swedish tourism award

The nominations for the Swedish Tourism Award (“Stora Turismpriset”) are now ready, and 15 candidates from all over Sweden have been appointed. The winners will be announced in Stockholm on October 20.

A destination of national and international standing

In Sörmland southwest of Stockholm, destination coaches and tourism operators had the possibility to nominate candidates. Eventually Öster Malma Hotel was chosen to be this year’s candidate from Sörmland. Öster Malma is regarded as a “destination of national and international standing”.

Wildlife park

Öster Malma Hotel is set on a 1660s manor estate, next to Lake Malmasjön. It features a wildlife park (with moose, mouflon, fallow and red deer in their natural environments) and a summer café. The Stockholm-Skavsta Airport in Nyköping is just a 40 minutes’ drive away.

Close to train station, airport, and the Stockholm region

“If you are looking for a sustainable and natural place with great outdoor experiences then Öster Malma is unique,” says Annelie Karlsson Lenksjö, CEO Öster Malma. “Here company groups mingle with kindergarten classes, tourists, seminar participants and those who are passing by here in the forest. From Öster Malma it is not far to trains, planes, and the Stockholm region. Everybody is welcome to dine in our game restaurant, visit the wildlife park or just experience how wildlife management is practiced. Today, as more and more people live in cities but are curious about nature and environmental issues, we need such places as Öster Malma,” adds Anneli Karlsson Lenksjö.

  Öster Malma Hotel

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  Öster Malma B&B/Hostel

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Öster Malma Hotel

Öster Malma Hotel

Source and photos: STUA Sörmland. Our translation.

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